Georgia House Republicans Pick Leadership Team

Georgia House Republicans didn’t have any surprises on Monday when they met at the Capitol to choose their leadership for the 2015-2016 legislative session. Walter Jones with Morris News Service has the story:

The House Republicans voted to keep their leaders in place, with Speaker David Ralston of Blue Ridge at the top of the totem pole. The House GOP enjoyed a perfect day at the polls last week giving them no reason to fire the coach, so to speak. But Ralston has become the subject of controversy since the last caucus election over his law practice, becoming the subject of an investigation announced in June by the State Bar of Georgia over whether he abused his legislative post while representing a car-wreck client. The speaker’s spokesman said he denies intentional wrongdoing.

Others elected to leadership positions include Speaker Pro Tempore Jan Jones of Milton, Majority Leader Larry O’Neal of Bonaire, Majority Whip Matt Ramsey from Peachtree City; Dublin’s Matt Hatchett as Caucus Chairman, Vice Chairman Sam Teasley of Marietta and Macon’s Allen Peake as Secretary.


  1. Charlie says:

    The key word of the day was “unity”, though I don’t recall it being spoken audibly from the podium. Instead, in a rare feat these days, it was demonstrated within a caucus meeting.

    May 20th and November 4th did a lot for that within the House caucus. There will continue to be differences of opinion and approach – as there should be, but the overall tone of the House in January looks like it will be a body that works well together.

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