Casting Call: Georgia Mayors

Georgia Film Tax Credit, meet your reward.  Tru TV is looking for several Georgia mayors for a new documentary.  A British based production company Double Act TV is seeking suggestions of Mayors from small to mid-sized towns that may fit with a series they are producing.  We received an email this morning which included the following:

I gather there’s probably hundreds of mayors in Georgia but we’re looking for those who run towns/cities of anything between 500 and 40,000 people; ideally on the smaller side as i’m aware of many of the bigger mayors. The key really though is to find mayors with especially colourful and eccentric personalities who are natural on camera, extremely charismatic, passionate about their jobs and are active in the community. They might not necessarily be the most well known or popular, but they must have quirks and HUGE entertainment value. The mayor might have big ideas and also aren’t afraid to try things differently; they might even be controversial. Every town needs leadership and we want to show the ideas and mayors which form and affect American communities.

Politically engaged, I was wondering if you could kindly spread our search to any organisations, colleagues or members you think might have some good ideas and suggestions.

We’ve previously found that people like yourself and the connections you have, come up with some excellent recommendations because your aware of the mayors, the policies and issues affecting your state. If there are  any mayors you think would be great for our feature please get in touch; I’m contactable by email or I’m happy to have  a conversation if you wish to know more about the project. Much appreciated.
After a couple of emails, we agreed to pass along their request to our community for suggestions.  I’ve already forwarded one name, and am quite curious as to those the Peach Pundit community would recommend.  So guys, which mayors from Georgia (or other Southern states) would make the best television?


  1. Max Power says:

    David Lockhart of Forest Park. (Full disclosure: David and I went to law school together.) He’s smart, articulate, and won’t make the state look bad.

      • Max Power says:

        Probably. See Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love and Hip Hop, Honey Boo Boo, and Small Town Security but there no shows on the millions of Georgians doing good decent work and not looking like fools.

        • Baker says:

          Ahh, but is Love and Hip Hop on in Britain? Who are we to deprive our island dwelling cousins of the overwhelming rube-ness of some of our citizens?

  2. FoggyHighPoint says:

    Mayor Richard Bentley of Milledgeville. I have known him several years and he is as hard working as he is entertaining.

  3. blakeage80 says:

    Vicki Horne of McIntyre has experience with this sort of thing and since “Here comes Honey Boo Boo” is off the air, she may be looking for ways to keep McIntyre in the spotlight.

  4. Lawton Sack says:

    Statesboro recently elected its first female mayor, Jan Moore. Statesboro (~30,000 in population) is a growing town and is home to Georgia Southern University, which is experiencing success in its first year after moving from the FCS to FBS in sports. She is charismatic and has been involved in the community for a long time.

    I really hope this is an opportunity to showcase mayors and not another Honey Boo Boo attempt.

    • blakeage80 says:

      The part of the email that states the mayor must have “quirks and HUGE entertainment value” don’t leave much room for hope that it is anything other than another Honey Boo Boo attempt.

    • androidguybill says:

      Thought Statesboro was bigger than that. Georgia needs to put real money into GSU and make it into a legit research university (although there is the danger that it would benefit South Carolina as much as it does Georgia, which Medical College of Georgia and the Savannah River site arguably do, just as the same as Fort Benning does with Alabama).

      • Lawton Sack says:

        The population of Bulloch County is over 71,000, which most people lump into Statesboro. Georgia Southern is a Carnegie Doctoral/Research university, but they have not been given the research university designation by the Board of Regents. Hopefully, that will come sooner than later. Statesboro is about an hour from South Carolina (Hardeeville and Allendale), so we would be the furthest from a neighboring state out of the sites that you mentioned.

  5. LANDERS says:

    Mayor Bucky Johnson of Norcross. Great mayor, gregarious personality, known by everyone as “Mayor Bucky” and familiar with the TV/Film industry as numerous productions/shows are filmed in downtown Norcross.

  6. NancyJasper1 says:

    Johnny Weaver of Jasper GA.; he runs the BEST horse & pony show in NW GA. 20+ years of narcisstic rule and “my way or the highway rule”. He won’t work with County but makes sure everyone knows he is here. What a show!

  7. androidguybill says:

    So, a British media company looking to traffic in stereotypes of red state America? With all due respect, Georgia should pass. With Ant-Man filming here, Georgia is now getting A list major projects instead of sequels and B-listers. There is no need for stuff like this. Hopefully this will wither on the vine for lack of support, and Great Britain will actually start dealing with their own class, culture, educational and racial problems instead of projecting all those things onto us.

    • blakeage80 says:

      You really should warn us before you drop an article with that much math in it. I’m going to quit thinking for the day now and go lie down with the thought that I live better than a lot of people on Earth. (PPP adjusted, of course)

  8. saltycracker says:

    Another “hold my beer and watch this” moment. As a reality TV fan, they will deliver as in the position statement, the eccentric and colourful…..

    • blakeage80 says:

      I’m not sure that would boost your reelection chances, Mayor. What would those newspaper headlines read? “British Media Mogul Supports Gibbons’ Re-election Bid!” or the ethics alligations? “Mayor Gibbons Uses Office For Profit!” 😀

      • Pete Gibbons says:

        Being in the Greenville broadcast area, my constituents are well versed on the reality exploits of Thomas Ravenel. So anything compared to that should seem kosher.

  9. Jon Lester says:

    Is there a minimum town size they’re looking for? If not, then we have one or two in Oglethorpe County that would fit right in with the “reality TV” format, which is to say, local politics here can get ridiculous even by small-town standards.

    • Amy Henderson says:

      They have contacted all the municipal leagues around the country with the same request, so it’s not specifically Georgia mayors that they’re seeking. Hopefully, it’s not a Honey Boo-Boo type show they’re looking for, because there are many great mayors with big personalities doing good things in their cities that would be interesting without being ridiculous.

      • Jon Lester says:

        That would be better TV, but we don’t know that they aren’t going for something more crass.

        Either way, I’ve probably offered enough already. I’m not giving them content for free.

  10. Aaron says:

    Mayor Johnston of Covington would be great for this. He is a charismatic and funny guy. He is a successful businessman who has helped Covington attract new business and has already worked with the filming industry.

  11. Salmo says:

    How has nobody mentioned Ford Gravitt of Cumming yet? The guy has been mayor there for centuries and would probably fit what they’re looking for perfectly. Also, I’m fairly certain he’s kin to around half of the non-hispanic electorate.

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