Padgett To Run For Re-Election as #GAGOP Chair?

The Athens GOP held their regular monthly meeting tonight. While the featured speaker was billed as Attorney General Sam Olens speaking about human trafficking, Georgia GOP Chairman John Padgett made an appearance at his home county’s meeting to provide a recap of last Tuesday’s election.

As with so many political meetings these days, this one was live tweeted. And, there was one tweet that caught my eye:

I wasn’t there, so I don’t know if it was mentioned at the meeting or not, or if Padgett has officially confirmed he’s running. Maybe some of our commenters can fill in the blanks.

But if Padgett is running, it sets up the first volley in a battle that won’t be settled until the Georgia GOP State Convention in May. Oh, and that convention will be held at the Classic Center. In Athens.

** Update **

Someone sent me the following shortly after I made the original post:

Just wanted to let you know that I was [at] the Athens GOP meeting … and Padgett did say when he was addressing the meeting that he was seeking reelection and asked everyone that planned on attending the convention for their vote.



    • Joash Thomas says:

      Agreed. While the Chairman has done some really great work so far, he should step aside and let someone who is not a “typical Republican” (old, white male) be the face of the Party. If Republicans want to win in 2016, they should start taking steps in a different direction when it comes to their image, not just in Georgia but all over the United States.

  1. CodyHall says:

    After the results of last Tuesday I think it will be very hard for him not to win reelection. The GA GOP ramped up their voter outreach, made 1.5 million contacts, and delivered the state something that hasn’t been a reality for quite some time: no John Barrow. That, accompanied with no runoffs and the huge successes in the state legislature signal another Padgett term. Also, under his leadership the state party has also made huge inroads with minority voters and started the process of earning votes by showing up and letting minorities know that their votes aren’t just going to be ceded to the Democrats. I also don’t think that we should choose our party leaders based solely on descriptive politics.

    • John Konop says:

      I am no politician just a business guy. If I ran a business and in the last 3 cycles went from 18% profit to 11% profit to 7 % profit….I would not be happy. I would be 100% focused on why I am trending in the wrong direction…..You can spin it all day….but math is math…..The margin of victory in politics is the same as profit in the business world via trends….

    • Jon Lester says:

      Harry could have been state GOP chair and this year’s results would have been about the same. More credit is due to Georgia Democrats’ dysfunction than to Padgett’s leadership.

      • John Konop says:

        That is what should scare you the most…they gained 4 points in a off presidential cycle election, with very little help from the state party….If they win or come within a few points the next cycle, you well see a major money thrown at the state Dems in the near future….

        • CodyHall says:

          I’m merely pointing out that I doubt hypothetical arguments about what could have happened will be enough to convince someone to run against him, much less win. Padgett can’t control the demographics of the state, but I think he has done a very good job of reaching out to non traditional Republican voters. I don’t know what a “new face” would have done differently, but I’d be hard pressed to find someone who could have done any better.

          • John Konop says:

            I agree to a point….in that unless someone has a real plan than you are right….not seeing any real plan at this point….more of high fives rather than a reality check.

  2. Doug Grammer says:

    I think he will be reelected. I don’t think he’s done a perfect job, but the results speak for themselves. In the long run, I don’t see elections as a term of percentages of profit, but more of a pass fail or fail grading system. Most elected officials are okay with a 50% +1 result. The result is either being sworn into office or not. We still have work to do in many counties.

    Lets talk about the “old white male” quote that Joash provided. In the long run, old usually equals experienced. Governor Deal looked like an experienced statesman debating some kid. Youth is nice, but it’s not everything. As far as color goes, aren’t we supposed to judge people on the content of their character and not the color of their skin? Male vs. female, the Georgia GOP just went 6 years with Sue as the Chairman. Aren’t quotas what the other party stands for? I don’t vote or support people based upon what they look like. I think we should judge them on what they can do.

    • Joash Thomas says:

      I completely agree with the merits of your argument. As I have already mentioned, Chairman Padgett has indeed done a great job. I’m just implying that it would be more beneficial for the Party in the long run to elect newer, fresher blood to top leadership positions where they would be the new face of the Party. I’m not defending the need to pander based on race, age, class and gender. As a young South Asian Republican who worked on Governor Deal’s campaign, I am completely fine with supporting good and experienced old, white statesmen. Nevertheless, when it comes to Politics, the optics often tend to get in the way of substance. It is no secret that we often lack diversity in these optics and are hence losing out on crucial voter groups to the Democrats. A right balance of principle, competence and optics is imperative for the Republican Party to move forward in the long run. Besides, we have plenty of competent minority / female / younger candidates to choose from.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        About half of the GA GOP EC are new to their offices. 100% turn over usually isn’t good. I don’t buy into “optics” as a reason to elect someone. Either the trains are running on time or they aren’t. Our opinions really don’t matter too much at this point. It will boil down to the will of the convention. Thanks for helping out in the election.

  3. Noway says:

    Padgett’s tenure kept Saxby’s seat, kept the Gov’s mansion and booted Barrow out. None of the runoff’s the failed pollsters warned us about. Those results alone are a huge success. If he runs, he wins. He ain’t going anywhere. What could an opponent possibly say negatively about him?

    • Keep it honest, Noway. Polling from the final week on Barrow v. Allen:

      It’s also time for full disclosure from Chairman Padgett: As we say in Georgia, put up or shut up:

      Publicly release the polls you did for the final three months of the election.

      Publicly. All of it.

      Surely Mr. Padgett wouldn’t want anyone to think he or his consultants are being anything less than honest.

      It’s easy to prevent the perception that he has something to hide: just publicly release all cross tabs and polling data — again, in full. It’s a challenge. Release the final three months of all polls and the cross tabs of all polls — in full.

      From copies I already have and know….you are in for quite a few embarrassing revelations.

  4. Jon Lester says:

    I could be much more specific with the unflattering truths about the John Padgett I know, but for now, let me just say that if you’re looking for outreach beyond the white Baptist demographic, then he’s really not your man.

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