Deal Floor Leader New Revenue Commissioner

Lynn Riley will be the new Department of Revenue commissioner. Governor Deal announced her appointment today. She succeeds Doug MacGinnitie.

In a statement, Deal said:

“Lynne brings three decades of accounting experience and expertise on tax policy from her time on the House Ways and Means Committee. I’ve seen Lynne’s effectiveness and know-how up-close while she served as my floor leader in the House, and I know the department will continue to run smoothly and provide great customer service to the taxpayers of Georgia under her leadership. I appreciate her willingness to take on this new challenge, and I thank Commissioner MacGinnitie for the great job that he has done and wish him the best as he returns to his successful private-sector career.”

 She takes up her new post starting Jan. 11.

This means as well there will be a special election (wait, didn’t we just finish one of those?) to fill her vacated House seat.

Who will run for her House seat? Who will be Deal’s new Floor Leaders? Speculate away in the comments.


  1. ricstewart says:

    Rep. Riley seems very qualified for this job, but can’t the governor find someone for these appointments that doesn’t require an expensive special election to fill the seat?
    This has already happened a lot during his first term.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Deal didn’t want to take that chance ahead of the election. Besides, a crony appointment is outweighs wasting taxpayer money for an election. Thousands of taxpayer’s money for an election here, hundreds of thousands to get rid of the Chipster there, are simply a cost of business for the Crony-in-chief.

  2. FranInAtlanta says:

    When you pick someone who has been vetted and elected over the years, everyone knows more about that person and you are usually on safer ground.

  3. South Fulton Guy says:

    Kelly Stewart to Run for Georgia State House District 50 Open Seat
    November 8, 2014

    JOHNS CREEK – Following Friday’s announcement that State Representative Lynne Riley (R-Johns Creek) has been named by Governor Nathan Deal to lead the Georgia Department of Revenue, Johns Creek City Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem Kelly Stewart announced Saturday her intention to run for the open Georgia State House District 50 seat.

    “I have been proud to serve the citizens of Johns Creek since they first elected me to the City Council in 2010,” said Stewart. “I am excited about the opportunity to run for this seat and to continue to work for them as their voice in Atlanta.”

    Kelly was previously appointed by Governor Deal to serve on the Board of Directors for the Department of Juvenile Justice. Stewart also serves on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Municipal Association. At the federal level, Kelly worked on Capitol Hill in the US House of Representatives; at the state level, in the University System of Georgia; and at the local level, as a County Administrator.

    Kelly is a lifelong conservative who believes in limited government and individual responsibility. She will bring strong leadership, fiscal responsibility, and her ability to build broad coalitions to work through complex issues to the Georgia House of Representatives.

  4. Jim Beck says:

    Lynne Riley will do a wonderful job in the post- best wishes to her in the new chapter of service to the State of Georgia!

  5. Corvid says:

    Maybe the real test will be to see how much and how long it will take to get Copart to pay the outstanding state taxes.

  6. eburke says:

    The State of Georgia should reimburse the Counties in District 50 for the cost of the special election. This is going to cost those counties thousands of dollars to hold an election that could have been avoided by an early appointment or by picking someone else not already holding elective office. The fiscal conservatives aren’t really that concerned with local tax dollars.

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