Secretary of State’s Poll Locator Page Goes Down On Election Day

You had one job.

This morning, as new voters hit the web looking for authoritative information about where to go to vote, Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s “My Voter Page” wasn’t working. (for whom I was briefly an associate editor) made note:

Some users reported they could get the site’s splash page to load, but when they entered their information, they were told that no match could be found in their county for their information.

Clay Johnson, author of The Information Diet and one of Barack Obama’s Big Data guys from the 2008 election, posted a link to a screen capture of the page 404-ing earlier today on Twitter.

I have a call out to Kemp’s press pangolins, and I hope to hear from them soon.

It would be easy to attribute this to sinister motivations, of course, given Democrats’ current concerns around Kemp’s performance on voter registration issues. But given Kemp’s track record with the website renovations this year — the craptastic interface, the lost archival data, the pain in the ass it’s become to search for corporations data, and what not, I’m going with incompetence instead of malice. This would be the first year that the new website has had to deal with meaningful Election Day traffic. It probably looked like a DDOS attack from their end, because, you know, why would a hundred thousand different people all need to hit the website in the space of an hour or two early in the morning?

Oh. Right. Everyone links to it in their Election Day stories.

Google’s front page today has a poll locator, so all is not lost. But still. C’mon, man. Really?



    • Will Durant says:

      Agreed. I abstained on this one. Kemp is a poster boy for the Peter Principle and I badly wanted a viable option.

  1. Ellynn says:

    This (along with many other reasons) is why Kemp will not make it out of the primaries for governer in 2018…

    • Ellynn says:

      We could officially say that when he shut down public access to public records at the State Archive in 2012, and Gov. Deal had to ride to his rescue and move it to the Univeristy system for funding and oversite.

  2. Stefan says:

    I’m not sure who is right in the dispute between the New Georgia Project and the SoS, but when stuff like this happens it makes me think the SoS doesn’t know what he’s doing. As of now it is back up, but [update, just crashed again] this really is his entire job. What are we paying him for? How much is the stoneridge contract? So many questions, among them, where is my poll located?

  3. greencracker says:

    Re: the corporations search, it’s like it’s specially-designed to deter bulk searches & machine-readablity, meaning you’re left with doing a miserable, crummy one-by-one screen-scrape that just increases traffic to the server.

    I don’t think it’s on any kind of purpose. It’s just that meaningful bulk data access is not of interest to many departments.

    And in their defense, yea, other things are way more important.

    But taking things from “more easy” to “less easy” should also not be a priority. Besides SOS, I could talk about the delinquent taxpayer list from DOR that used to be available as a PDF. PDF kind of stinks, but it beats the current interface of “search; get a result; if you want to search another, reload the page from the server cause otherwise it sticks, and wait 10 seconds; repeat”

  4. WeymanCWannamakerJr says:

    Come January, do you think we could get away with swearing in Gary Black as SoS and Kemp as SoA?

  5. bba says:

    I wrote in Doug MacGinnitie. SoS website down all morn, but no trouble doing my car tag online at Dept of Revenue site…

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