Polling the Obvious: Wright Trails Woodall

Landmark has been very busy polling everywhere -even in races that seem foregone conclusions. The fabled demographic shifts, upon which Democrats pin their hopes for future relevance in Georgia, do not seem to be affecting Congressman Rob Woodall’s chances for re-election in Georgia’s 7th Congressional District. In fact, Rep. Woodall has a surprisingly high level of support among African American voters. Says Landmark: “Congressman Rob Woodall is leading his Democratic opponent Thomas Wight by a solid 61-37% margin in the election for Georgia’s Seventh Congressional District…”

Congressman Woodall’s support among African-American voters is somewhat higher than the numbers seen by many other Republicans, with 13% of African-American voters and 15% of self-described Democrats giving their vote to Woodall. Combined with the support of 93%of self-described Republicans, Woodall is in a solid position to win re-election,” according to Landmark Communications President Mark Rountree.

Crosstabs available here. Feel free to discuss why anyone would doubt the outcome of this race in the comments.


  1. gcp says:

    Woodall is an interesting character who has spent most of his adult life in politics. His appeal may be that he never makes strong (some would say outrageous) statements we hear from other congressmen. He regularly holds in- person town hall meetings which is rare for a Ga. Congressman and he is an effective speaker.

    His voting record is more mainstream Republican than anything else. While he advocates for the Fair Tax he also voted for the most recent Farm Bill. He most closely resembles a Tom Price rather than a Paul Broun.

    The bottom line is if you want to appeal to everyone; maybe you should also appeal to no one.

    • Harry says:

      Woodall is my congressman and I vote for him, but he’s rather too status quo – as if he spent too much time in DC and has adapted to the DC syndrome.

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