Poll: Republicans Look To Hold Georgia’s 1st Congressional District


Landmark Communications has also polled the 1st Congressional District, and it looks like Republicans will retain the seat that is currently held by out-going Congressman Jack Kingston (R).

A new poll released Saturday by Landmark Communications, Inc. concludes that Republican Buddy Carter is leading his Democratic opponent Brian Reese by a solid 60-37% margin in the race for Georgia’s First Congressional District. Landmark conducted 500 interviews of self-described “likely voters”. The poll was conducted Thursday evening, October 30th. Only voters who responded that they are “somewhat likely” or “definitely likely” to vote, and who completed all questions in the survey, were included in the results, a method that is standard in the polling industry.
Carter is a client of Landmark Communications.

You can find the crosstabs posted on Landmark’s site.


  1. northside101 says:

    While 2011 redistricting made CD 1 more competitive, the district overall still has a Republican bent, even with Democratic-trending Chatham County included (Chatham being by far the most populous county in the district). Romney got 56 percent in the district in 2012. In the 2010 statewide contests, under the current lines of CD 1, the district averaged 58 percent support for GOP statewide candidates (matching the GOP average in the adjoining CD 12, where Democrat John Barrow is struggling to win re-election). Only two Democratic statewide candidates—Roy Barnes and Ken Hodges (the latter the D candidate for attorney general)—even managed to break 40 percent in the district in 2010, and neither of them even made it to 42 percent. Carter already represents a fourth of CD 1 (his Senate district is entirely within the congressional district), so no wonder he is a double-digit favorite tomorrow. He may lose Chatham and Liberty Counties, but all the others will likely back him, and heavily so.

  2. northside101 says:

    Agreed (on Chatham, not losing by much if at all)—Kingston carried Chatham in 2012, but with just 53 percent against a virtual no-name—even after 20 years in office. However, that was better than Romney, who only got 43 percent in Chatham. Liberty was the only county Kingston failed to win in 2012, and even there he managed a respectable 46 percent. Chatham and Liberty were the only 2 counties in CD 1 to back Obama over Romney. The rural counties of the district overall are heavily Republican, like Brantley and Pierce (each 83 percent Romney) and Long (61 percent). Overall the district is 28 percent black in voter registration.

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