Landmark Releases Final GA-12 Poll

In attempt to wear everyone out, we have more polls… and more on the way. Landmark, who released a poll on Friday for GA-12’s contentious race between Rick Allen and John Barrow, released a final poll this morning from over the weekend of 500 likely voters. Allen still leads Barrow 47.3% to 45.7%, but you’ll note that Barrow seemed to narrow the gap at some point between Friday and Sunday.

The demographic makeup for this poll again matches the Landmark projection for turnout. The African American voting percentage here 30.6%, while women make up 54.4% of those polled. 7.1% are waiting for the game-time decision to make up their mind.

Clearly this will be a razor-close nail biter.

The cross tabs are available on Landmark’s website.

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  1. MattMD says:

    The burning question I have (and no, it’s not that this time because I can write my own script) is if Rick Allen had run with Combine signs in the 12th, would that have tilted the election?

    You have to think that if a tractor sign got Lee Anderson that far, then a Combine (those things are kinda neat) would put someone over the top.

    Am I wrong?

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