Rep. Paul Broun: Is Ebola Obama’s “Purposeful” Plan?

Congressman Paul Broun seems to be making national news yet again. This time because of Ebola. Rep. Broun, who made an appearance on radio host Rick Wiles’ program earlier this week, criticized the Obama administration’s handling of the Ebola crisis. Salon reports Rep. Broun’s response when asked if the Obama administration’s decision not to impose a travel ban reflected “incompetence or malicious intent”:

“Well, I don’t know,” the congressman replied. “I didn’t want to go there – some people might think that it is malicious intent. Certainly if it you look at it from a logical perspective, there’s no logic whatsoever about why they’re acting the way they are.”

But later in the program, Broun suggested the administration’s alleged mistakes in handling the virus could be “purposeful.”

“I just cannot fathom why anybody would be doing what this administration’s been doing, whether it’s purposeful or whether it’s due to ignorance or whether it’s due to ineptness, I don’t know but it certainly has got to stop,” Broun said.

While Salon is certainly not known for its objectivity, Congressman Broun has been susceptible to other such inflammatory comments in the past. His detractors still gleefully recollect a sound byte from 2012 when he called evolution and the big bang theory “lies from the pit of hell”. Thankfully for Rep. Broun and the good voters of Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, his inevitable successor, Jody Hice will ensure that the Broun legacy will be kept alive in national media.


  1. blakeage80 says:

    Can anyone explain why President Obama is doing what he is in regards to Ebola? Where can I find someone that thinks he is doing it right and explains why credibly? Broun offers purpose, ignorance and ineptness as possible reasons for Obama’s conduct. Does anyone have a forth?
    NOTE: I was a Paul Broun supporter, however, I am not trying to defend anything he said here today. My armor is not thick enough to protect me from the slings and arrows of fellow commenters.

  2. xdog says:

    Well, for one thing you can’t have waves of dark-skinned Ebola-ridden terrorist kids streaming across the border without Ebola.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    With a little tweak of the district, Hice could represent both UGA and Georgia Regents University. Wouldn’t he be an awesome spokesman to leverage those Universities to attract science and technology jobs to Georgia?.

  4. Based on the typical response to a school shooting (which btw more people have died from this year/week than Ebola) you would think the right’s response would just be to give everyone Ebola.

    • Bobloblaw says:

      fallacious argument. School shootings dont have the potential to kill one million people by next year.

  5. Jon Lester says:

    I don’t believe Obama’s handling is even meeting the stated purpose, let alone some ulterior motive, but I wouldn’t put it past Bill DeBlasio to appropriate it for his own purposes (because if he doesn’t like artists, he probably doesn’t like bowling, either).

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