England: Georgia’s middle class has a bull’s-eye on its back.

A guest post from House Appropriations Chairman Terry England (R-Auburn).

Georgia’s middle class has a bull’s-eye on its back.

In his attempt to topple Republican Gov. Nathan Deal, Democrat challenger Jason Carter is courting the votes of teachers and the middle class – and walking in lockstep with the national Democratic machine.

Early in this campaign Carter told a reporter that he absolutely “is not” a “national Democrat.”

And he has, at times, publicly distanced himself from his liberal grandfather, Jimmy Carter, as well as from President Barack Obama.

But make no mistake about it: the fingerprints of both former President Carter — and the Democrats’ national political machine — are all over Jason Carter’s campaign.

The former president not only helped fuel his grandson’s campaign by hosting fund-raisers in New York, Washington D.C., California and Georgia — but he also helped him vet his cadre of consultants.

Campaign finance reports show Jason Carter has been using the services of at least nine companies that over the past quarter-century have helped elect Democrats to Washington D.C.’s pinnacles of power.

The national consultants are providing the campaign with political strategy, media services, fundraising services, data management, polling and web hosting.

As of September, Carter had paid almost $100,000 to AKPD Message & Media LLC of Chicago, a firm founded by David Axelrod, the chief strategist for Obama’s 2008 winning bid for the White House.

The campaign also has paid about $137,000 to Anzalone Litzt Research Inc. of Washington D.C., the “premier Democratic polling firm in the United States” that was a pollster for Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012.

And it has paid more than $170,000 to Mack-Sumner Communications LLC of Alexandria, Va., which says it had “a major role in electing President Obama and Democrats in just about every battleground U.S. Senate, Gubernatorial and U.S. House race of the last decade.”

Among the other vendors with ties to national Democrats are:

  • Integrity Partners & Associates of California, a fundraising consultant for President Bill Clinton in 1996 and a current consultant for U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, U.S. Sen. Harry Reid and U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi.
  • Financial Innovations LLC of Rhode Island, which was founded by a former Rhode Island Democratic chairman and “first began making Democratic campaign paraphernalia in 1976 when Jimmy Carter first ran for president,” according to NPR.org.
  • NGP VAN Inc. of Washington D.C., a data management company that claims to have powered “nearly every major Democratic campaign” and asks on its website: “Want to use Obama’s tools for your campaign?”
  • Jafri Strategies LLC of New Jersey, which is owned by a regional finance director for Hillary Clinton’s first White House bid and now is helping the “Ready for Hillary” group raise money to blaze the trail for her in 2016.
  • 270 Strategies of Washington D.C., which was founded by people who worked for Obama’s campaign and is helping build a grassroots effort to elect Hillary Clinton.
  • And Eric Dillon, a Washington D.C.-area consultant who helped Democrat Terry McAuliffe last fall become Virginia’s 72nd governor. McAuliffe was co-chairman of president Bill Clinton’s re-election campaign and was chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid.

Another telltale sign of the influence of national Democrats on Carter’s campaign is his targeting of middle class families.

The political talking points of the nation’s Democrats, especially with the election of President Obama, increasingly have been designed to win over middle class voters.

As recently as July, Pelosi’s website announced a “Middle Class Jumpstart” campaign that would get under way if her party wins the House majority Nov. 4. And just a click away on Carter’s website homepage is a link to “Jason’s Plan for the Middle Class.”

Why this interest?

Though most middle-class families might not realize it, they became political targets of the Left four decades ago, when a Viet Nam-era radical from Chicago named Saul Alinsky warned the more radical elements of the Democratic Party that without the voting strength of the middle class — whom he called the “Have-a-Little, Want Mores” — a fundamental shift in power away from America’s more conservative roots wouldn’t be possible.

Alinksy’s playbook for radicals included the use of tactics that Democrats now commonly employ — divide Americans by reinforcing class differences, foment dissatisfaction, create confusion, and ridicule the enemy.

“Ridicule,” wrote Alinsky in 1971, “is man’s most potent weapon.”

In her college years Hillary Clinton was a fan of this so-called father of community organizing. And six years ago, voters elected to our nation’s highest office the most famous community organizer in American history.

While seeking re-election two years ago, President Obama rightly said that voters in 2012 were deciding between two futures for America.

A similar choice is before you now.

Are you going to skip this election and let national Democrats determine Georgia’s future?

Or are you going to get to the polls and vote for Gov. Nathan Deal, a proven leader who thinks for himself?

We’re all counting on you.

Rep. Terry England (R-Auburn)


  1. Andrew C. Pope says:

    So, let me get this straight. Carter’s empathy for the middle class is a ruse because his grandfather held campaign fundraisers for him and his campaign is being advised by elite consulting firms that have worked for Democratic candidates. We should be suspicious of Carter’s motives because he’s got the support of national Democrats. Because Deal hasn’t received a single shred of support from national Republican groups in or out of state Republicans. Because no Republican candidate has ever sought the support or advice of a famous, well-connected relative.

    This is rivaling Paul Broun for the dumbest thing I’ve heard from an elected official today. Is this really what the Georgia GOP is coming to? Instead of focusing on Carter’s actual proposals for the middle class, we’ll just tell everyone it’s some left-wing class warfare tactic.

    • saltycracker says:

      Are the poor and public servants Carters middle class ? When he spends billions, the poor and the rich will still get their pass and who is there to pay ? Those between the poverty shelters and the tax shelters.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Ah yes, a lecture that Saul Alinsky and Dems seek to “divide Americans by reinforcing class differences, foment dissatisfaction, create confusion, and ridicule the enemy” from a leader of the party that rose to power in Georgia on the “southern strategy”.

  3. xdog says:

    When’s the election again? England and Braun out there braying, Deal saying blacks should vote for him since he’s sending fewer of them to jail, a call from DeeDee Hice defending her man and another from Mike Huckabee defending traditional marriage and Israel–I’m about done in.

  4. Breaking news Democratic candidate uses Democratic consultants and Republican unearths secret documents (publicly filed disclosures) to let voters know. Seriously, this kind of tripe we will one day look back on and say no wonder the Republicans lost. They’re a bunch of morons.

    I mean can you imagine Larry Walker putting out a guest editorial in 2002 saying Sonny Perdue is using Bob Dole’s pollster?

  5. PegM says:

    There is just not enought time….take an empty Democrat suit, (Jason Carter), stuff it with vague phrases, and market it with the Democratic machine from outside the state, and you have……In georgia it’s yet to be seen until Tuesday night, but itn2008 it gave us the great “Mr. President I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, but I’ll look good doing it, Obama”. I hope we don’t get a governer ….or a senator of the same brand of suit.

  6. John Konop says:

    I support Deal…..post like this will lead to the death of the GOP in a few cycles….How does help with females and minorities moving away from the GOP?

  7. George Dickel says:

    Probably says more for Carter’s governing ability that he would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to national strategists known for the campaigns they’ve won rather than giving hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars to his daughter.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      It’s no wonder, when an important member of the House GOP leadership support for Deal is based on (gasp) his Democratic opponent hiring Democratic campaign consultants while Deal gives a cut of campaign contributions to the daughter that nearly bankrupted him, why ethics oversight in Georgia is a joke.

      Maybe PP will delight us with a Larry O’Neal citing Chicago politics as a reason to support Deal.

  8. Bull Moose says:

    The GOP is already falling apart. You can only gerrymander and self select your districts so long before the gig is up… I do not recognize the GOP today as it stands in Georgia.

    I surely hope that people will begin to vote for more than just the letter behind someone’s name.

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