Rick Allen – Businessman Calls Chamber “Pro Amnesty Group”

Ah, the things you do when you’re days away from an election.  Like, you know, after you’ve spent over a year running as a “businessman” as your credential, but then decide the Chamber of Commerce has to be your enemy.  Well, maybe they decided that when they endorsed the other guy, but anyway….

Rick Allen – Businessman, has decided the US Chamber of Commerce is an evil pro-amnesty group.  From his press release:

Pro-Amnesty, Pro-Stimulus Group Enters Fray for Friend Barrow

— U.S. Chamber Fights for Barrow’s Continued Corporate Welfare Largesse —

AUGUSTA, GA – The U.S. Chamber entered the ad war today becoming the latest Washington Group to try and save John Barrow’s flailing campaign for a 6th term in Congress.  The Chamber is fighting for a continuation of corporate welfare plans supported by Barrow.

“John Barrow is a trial lawyer and professional politician who has never created a job in his life but that’s just fine with the Chamber which wants more taxpayer handouts and amnesty for illegal immigrants and sees a fellow traveler in John Barrow,” said Allen spokesman Dan McLagan. “While Congressman Barrow runs an attack ad lying about Rick’s immigration stance, he has accepted $250,000 from the U.S. Chamber which is an outspoken proponent of amnesty. Which side of the immigration issue is Congressman Barrow on?”

So….vote for the businessman who hates the organization of business people.  Or something.


  1. dsean says:

    Haven’t been following this race, but the Chamber is pro-amnesty and generally pro-corporate welfare. Being a “businessman” or whatever this candidate has decided to brand himself as, doesn’t equate with being “pro-Chamber of Commerce.”

    Your last sentence could read “So….vote for the businessman who hates the organization of large corporations. Or something” and it would be more accurate.

      • dsean says:

        Reading through the thread of your comments, I’ll just say that I was referring to the national Chamber, not the local chambers. The US Chamber of Commerce, the DC-based national entity, is generally a functionary of the Fortune 500 and advocates on behalf of large businesses. That advocacy is often in tension with small businesses.

        I take no position on the networking effectiveness of local chambers.

    • benevolus says:

      It’s true, the CoC does nothing for small business.
      The Georgia Chamber has asked me to join, and I ask “what are the benefits”? It’s basically a luncheon every now and then.

        • Jon Lester says:

          Local Chambers are not created equal, of course. I saw no benefit to paying $75/year to the Oglethorpe County CoC, and seeing how badly they botched the new shingles on the depot roof in Crawford, I’m glad I didn’t waste my money. Also, in the unlikely event that I want contribute to certain campaigns, I can do that myself; I don’t need my local Chamber to do it for me.

            • Jon Lester says:

              Oglethorpe County is something like the third largest in the state, geographically, but the population density is rather low. I know most of the people here already.

  2. Lawton Sack says:

    The U.S. Chamber is pro-U.S. Chamber, not pro-small business. We dropped our membership after I was told point blank by a U.S. Chamber officer that they would endorse an elected official if they met a certain percentage (cumulatively) of particular votes. Barrow had a cumulative score of 75% after 2013, with a 2013 score of 69%. The rating for 2013 was based on 13 particular votes. 2013 Chamber Scorecard

    Look over the 13 bills chosen by the Chamber for 2013, and see which bills are aimed at reducing red tape, federal paperwork, etc.

    1. 113-1-H-RC30 H.R. 325-No Budget, No Pay Act of 2013
    2. 113-1-H-RC88 H.Con.Res. 25-FY14 Budget
    3. 113-1-H-RC117 H.R. 624-CISPA
    4. 113-1-H-RC179 H.R. 3-Northern Route Approval Act
    5. 113-1-H-RC281 H.R. 1947-Sugar Am.
    6. 113-1-H-RC361 H.R. 2667-Authority for Mandate Delay Act
    7. 113-1-H-RC374 H.R. 5-Student Success Act
    8. 113-1-H-RC550 H.R. 2775-Continuing Appropriations Act, 2014
    9. 113-1-H-RC560 H.R. 3080-WRRDA
    10. 113-1-H-RC567 H.R. 2374-Retail Investor Protection Act
    11. 113-1-H-RC581 H.R. 2655-Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act of 2013
    12. 113-1-H-RC611 H.R. 1900-Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting and Reform Act
    13. 113-1-H-RC629 H.R. 3309-Innovation Act

      • Lawton Sack says:

        I am not sure I would reach 75%. I would have voted no against No Budget, No Pay – nothing by silly games. I would have voted no against CISPA. I would have pushed for a faster time table for #12 – Natural gas pipeline permitting (12 months was what was in the H.R.). #6 delayed the employer mandate for a year, which pushes it past the election. That makes we a little wary. #7 – the student success act – is almost 600 pages long, who knows what is all in there.

        Regardless, I am not sure how cumulatively these 13 bills are going to be a tremendous help to a small business.

      • seenbetrdayz says:

        Well, we know bills are always named for what they contain. The PATRIOT act was the most successful bill ever to incentivize citizens to perform patriotic acts, and gave us lots of extra freedoms.

  3. BuddyFreeze says:

    If only Rick Allen would embrace the Chamber of Crony Commerce like Jack Kingston did…oh wait!!

  4. therightdirection says:

    Erick Erickson has discussed how pro-amnesty and cronyistic the national CoC is. The way Charlie writes this post, it’s as if he’s unaware of the internal GOP suspicion of the Chamber.

  5. ricstewart says:

    Because Barrow and Allen are fighting to see who can be more nativist and anti-immigrant, this is the only race on the ballot I will be leaving blank on Tuesday.

  6. Jon Richards says:

    Received via press release from the John Barrow campaign:

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the nation’s largest business advocacy group, fired back at Rick Allen for comments he recently made against the organization. The Chamber recently endorsed Allen’s opponent, John Barrow, for reelection in Georgia’s 12th District.

    “Rick Allen is a typical politician who is losing and desperate in the final days of his campaign. That is why he is falsely attacking the US Chamber, the world’s largest business federation” said Rob Engstrom, National Political Director for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “The Chamber does not and has never supported amnesty, Mr. Allen should apologize for misleading Georgia voters. We support John Barrow because he stands up to the Obama Administration and puts Georgia first.”

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