Morning Reads – Thursday, October 30, 2014

On this date in 1945, the U.S. government announced the end of shoe rationing. Woo!


Jimmy Carter

Sweet Tea

Liberty Drum



  1. IndyPendant says:

    Shoe rationing. Could you imagine the social unrest if the federal government asked for that kind of sacrifice today?

  2. blakeage80 says:

    The followup question to those wanting to kill 4 yr olds: Do you believe capital punishment should be allowed?

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    Mr. Lindsey in his post earlier this week supporting Deal forgot to an important reason to support Deal: it’s better to be lucky than good, since everything with Deal is always a lucky coincidence.

    It was coincidence Deal resigned from Congress to run for Governor the day before a report on his use of public office for private gain is due.

    A happy coincidence was that his daughter, without any significant experience as a political fund raiser, was available to work on the campaign just in time to maximize her cut of the take.

    Another happy coincidence was that the Gov had ownership in a plane at campaign time when access to private planes is so scarce that the campaign could be charged much more than other campaigns paid for the use of private aircraft.

    Coincidence, naturally, that the Governor’s Office phoned someone about employment as the Executive Secretary of the Transparency Commission as the Executive Secretary was preparing subpoenas concerning the Gov’s campaign, since the Gov’s office didn’t know that the Executive Secretary’s Chief Deputy would be terminated and the Executive Secretary told her pay will be dramatically cut a few weeks later.

    The State Properties Commission the Gov chairs selected a site for a new Dept of Agriculture facility that wasn’t even on the short list for a new facility that coincidentally would benefit a Gainesville crony of the Gov’s.

    It was coincidence again, the Governor’s Office said so itself, that only hours after voting against the Governor’s wishes on regulations that would have paid major contributor’s millions, the Gov’s Office informs two Department of Community Health Board members they’ve been removed. One of them had been serving without re-appointment for over 400 days:

  4. Noway says:

    Jessica, I had not seen the cancer story until now. Thanks for posting it. The lady is going out, as is pointed out, on her own terms. Bravo for her! Prayers to her and her family. All states should have the option of doctor assisted suicide.

      • Ed says:

        I do appreciate how people seem to selectively read what I say about the SEC. It is the best conference in football and probably the best in basketball now, too. It just isn’t as good as people want to think it is…

        • John Konop says:

          Disagree on basketball…..With non catholic Big East teams going to ACC I would bet on them….football not even close…I grew up in Big Ten country, much sloooooooower less athletic brand of football…Not a SEC fan…but love watching the games…I used to argue SEC was great on the top end…..but the bottom end not so good….Now hard to argue…heck Kentucky is even good this year.

        • Jon Lester says:

          ACC football has at least been interesting this year. I often turn on whichever ACC Network game is being shown on channel 69 at 12:30 or so, if UGA is playing later in the day.

  5. Three Jack says:

    Behind closed doors truths are spoken.

    Now it makes sense why the good ol boys in the GOP don’t want folks like Nydia Tisdale recording their words. Here is some tape of SC Senator Lindsay Graham promising old white guys more prosperity when he becomes president –

    Maybe to show bi-partisanship, Graham could team up with Biden for 2016. There would never be a dull moment for trackers.

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