Morning Reads–There Goes Honey Boo-Boo

How will the world function without the broadcast exploits of Mama June? We’re unfortunately about to find out. 

Chick Corea & Bobby McFerrin “Autumn Leaves” 

  1. Experts: Georgia State on par with Harvard. 
  2. GA Bar Admissions: GSU better than Emory. 
  3. Deal’s unanswered questions from ethics investigation. 
  4. Maybe Chris is right? Why you shouldn’t trust #GASen, four other states’ polls.
  5. Caught in ongoing labor dispute, MARTA’s CEO makes almost as much as NYC’s MTA chair. ATU not happy. 
  6. Mark Butler likes the jobs outlook for GA. 
  7. 411 on 311 for 404. 
  8. Eight arrested protesting in SoS office. 
  9. 96 million pounds of blueberries came from our soil; and now we’re getting pomegranates.
  10. The Elite of Buckhead’s WASPy elite are caught in a multi-billion-dollar family feud. 
  11. Dear the Elite of Buckhead’s elite: I’ll still accept membership into your rarefied air.


    • Bobloblaw says:

      Actually AK isnt that hard to poll. All the polls in 2010 showing Murkowski beating Miller as a write in, were correct. The last two polls showing Begich up arent reputable pollsters. One guy appears by his facebook page to be 55 years old living in his mother’s basement in Nome.

      CO is dont believe because they were wrong before. As though pollsters are the only ones who never learn from mistakes and adjust.

      SD is fluid and KS is how well can Orman GOTV.

  1. MattMD says:

    More importantly, when is PP coming to Southern Comfort? I bet if I offered to buy out the bar it would happen sooner than later.

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