UGA College Republicans Debate the Young Democrats

The annual smackdown made an appearance last night in Athens. No, it wasn’t the upcoming football game against the hated Florida Gators. This time, it was the UGA College Republicans against the Young Democrats in a battle for political dominance.

The Great Debate, not to be confused with this one, was hosted by Athens Political Union, Georgia Political Review, and Roosevelt @ UGA. Student debaters were able to represent their respective parties’ views leading up to the 2014 election.

We’ll note that our intern Alex Rowell made a valiant effort to defend the Democratic side. Was he successful in turning the UGA audience blue? You can decide as we present some curated tweets from the event below the fold..


  1. Dr. Monica Henson says:

    “For most things, we believe government should stay out of people’s lives.” #greatdebate #collegerepublicans

    Except of course when it comes to women’s reproductive rights, gays marrying, and whether women take their husbands’ last names and act only within their husbands’ authority. 😉

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