Governor, Senate Debates Tonight

For those Georgia voters who are still undecided for whom to vote in the top races in this year’s elections, you have two opportunities tonight to see candidates in action.

Tonight at 6:30 PM, WSB TV will host an hour long debate between gubernatorial candidates Jason Carter and Nathan Deal. For those outside the WSB broadcast area, the debate will be simulcast on CSPAN 1.

The Atlanta Press Club Loudermilk Debate Series concludes tonight with the debate between Georgia Senate candidates Michelle Nunn, David Perdue and Amanda Swafford. That debate airs at 7 PM on PBS stations, and on the Internet.

This clearly represents a dilemma for those without a video recorder who would like to see both debates. One solution would be to listen to 640 WGST at Noon on Monday, when they will replay the the Senate debate, followed by the Governor debate at 1 PM.

Feel free to tell us what you saw or didn’t see in the debates in the comments.


  1. morstar150 says:

    I cannot believe that there are people in Georgia that are going to vote for a Democrat in the Senate race. With all of the damage that this Administration has done to this country how could anyone even thing of putting someone in Washington who would support Obama and Harry Reid. This is insane. Please think about the future of our nation and don’t support these politicians who will say anything to to keep power. They are destroying our country! Get rid of them. Michelle Nunn is just another tool for the corrupt Chicago machine that is in control of our country.

    Will she really stand up to the lies? Or is she just a part of the scam? watch what happens after this election and remember this post. I told you so won’t help us at that point.

    • Michael Silver says:

      Let me ruin your week. Michelle isn’t stopping at the Senate. If she wins, she’ll be the next community organizer whose goal is to transform America from an exceptional nation to just another third world s#!t hole, inhabited by impoverished peasants ruled by a corrupt political class.

      Welcome to Mexica.

      As the Democrats say, we and our decedents deserve it. The chickens have come home to roast.

    • Will Durant says:

      So what did you guys think about the debate? Apparently you didn’t need to see one. Apparently the AJC didn’t think much about it either as the freebie online version still doesn’t even mention one this morning.

  2. Three Jack says:

    For once I would love to hear a candidate answer the most inane, useless question posed in 99% of debates with a simple but honestly emphatic ‘No’. The question, “Say something nice about your opponent”.

    Both debates can be summarized thusly, ‘You’re a loser’, ‘No, I’m not, you’re a loser’, ‘No I’m not, you are and you stink too’…blah, blah, blah. Should have conducted both in sandboxes.

  3. Will Durant says:

    For preamble I started the DVR with the Insurance Commissioner debate this morning. Definitely need more coffee. I will try later on the others.

      • gcp says:

        Nonprofits..yes. My point is Dollar General paid more to run this huge government than any of her “nonprofits”, particulary Points of Light which took taxpayer money to run some of its projects.

          • Harry says:

            To clarify for you, his point was not that nonprofits are bad but rather that Dollar General paid more to run this huge government than any of Nunn’s “nonprofits”.

                • WeymanCWannamakerJr says:

                  How many Americans and U.S. taxes did Gujarat Heavy Chemicals in India pay? Though scrubbed from his resume now he worked for them in the 3 years following Dollar General.

            • Will Durant says:

              So using this logic we can just get rid of churches, priests, and preachers as well. Though I will submit that a case could be made that many of them are for profit.

              • David C says:

                Yup. My boss’s boss’s boss may pay more taxes than my pastor, but I know who I’d trust more (and who would be there for me if I or a family member were in trouble).

              • Jon Lester says:

                Some probably deserve a RICO prosecution, too, but the whole reason nothing will change is because the tax status would have to be taken from all of them at once, or none at all. Not every constitutional argument makes for good politics.

                • Harry says:

                  You may find it hard to believe, but we two often agree on many issues. I totally support the idea of removing all charitable contributions from the tax code. I bet Michelle Nunn doesn’t agree.

                  • Will Durant says:

                    “Besides the danger of a direct mixture of religion and civil government, there is an evil which ought to be guarded against in the indefinite accumulation of property from the capacity of holding it in perpetuity by ecclesiastical corporations. The establishment of the chaplainship in Congress is a palpable violation of equal rights as well as of Constitutional principles. The danger of silent accumulations and encroachments by ecclesiastical bodies has not sufficiently engaged attention in the U.S.”
                    ― James Madison, 1817

            • Lea Thrace says:

              But why make that point? Is Nunn bad for working for a non profit? That’s just as dumb as Perdue being bad for working for a for profit company.

              Of course DG paid more. Its a for profit company for goodness sakes!

              • gcp says:

                Most all “nonprofits” get direct or indirect taxpayer subsidies. My objection is that taxpayers are forced to subsidize these organizations. Let them succeed or fail on their own; if they have a strong organization and a good mission, they will succeed; if not, they will fail.

  4. benevolus says:

    Well Perdue is sticking with the strategy that running against Obama is a winner here in Georgia.
    I think that might have been OK against a non-formidable candidate, but Nunn is growing into her candidacy very well I think.

    On paper, before this started, she probably did not look very formidable. But Team Perdue is in danger of going down with the ship if they don’t recognize her success so far. They really need to acknowledge that they are running in a general, not a primary. They are ignoring basically everyone who is on the fence.

  5. tribeca says:

    Just chatted with my mother over the phone, her question re: last night debate: “why does the Governor seem so angry?” To her, and to me, Deal came across as a bitter old man last night. His volume was much louder than Carter, his body language was bad, and he had a perma-scowl for most of the night. I don’t know who works with him on image work, but they do a very bad job.

  6. saltycracker says:

    Where is a candidate that supports administering and enforcing our spending/tax programs in order for the needy and tax incented get what is intended and the looters/fraudsters get fines, jail or deportation ?

    The Democrats are already on record that we have only resources for selective enforcement.
    The Republicans have no stomach for developing/funding enforcement and prefer a quid pro quo.
    The Libertarians can’t ante up enough to get in the game.

    We need a visionary that can connect what needs to be done (what we want) and what campaign money is intended for (what we get).

    • Harry says:

      David Perdue will do a better job with the vision thing. 1) In his career he’s had to think outside the box on economic issues; 2) The CofC and other special interests have pretty much shunned him.

      • Jon Lester says:

        When I was running my store, I never joined the local CofC, because I reckoned I could donate directly to candidates myself, in the unlikely event I’d feel so moved, rather than pay dues to have them do it for me. I can’t be the only person in business to have figured that out.

      • saltycracker says:

        Perdue was a reality choice, (do we want Obama to think he has a mandate to really roll for 2 years ?), Deal was a “settling” vote because we have to have a functional governor.

        The crazy and tough choice is in Florida with Scott and Crist. Crist is on TV saying that the day he is elected he will issue an executive order to equalize pay for women and men doing the same work. Sell out or spend out ?

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