Tea Party Patriots Endorse David Perdue for #GASen

Via The Hill, the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund is endorsing David Perdue in his race against Michelle Nunn. Expressing concern about a Democratically controlled Senate, TPP President Jenny Beth Martin urged the group’s supporters to do all they could to support the GOP candidate in the race, where recent polls have him trailing Nunn.

The endorsement is the latest indicator the Tea Party, once staunchly at odds with the establishment wing of the Republican Party, is coming around to working with their former foes in order to win back the Senate.

Conservatives have long expressed wariness of Perdue for his support of the financial bailout and support for health care reform at the federal level, and Georgia Tea Party groups backed Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) over him in the primary runoff.

The endorsement comes after the Tea Party Patriots sent an email on Wednesday to supporters asking them to weigh in on the race. Martin said that supporters’ top priority is keeping Harry Reid from controlling the Senate.


  1. tribeca says:

    Sooooooo. If being endorsed by Obama means that Nunn will be nothing but a rubber stamp for the President, does this mean that David Perdue will be nothing but a rubber stamp for the tea party?

    • Bobloblaw says:

      TU…..it is because liberals hate conservatives more than they hate jihadists. Liberals very much believe in utopia. Conservatives stand in their way, Jihadists dont. ISIS doesnt oppose Obamacare or the NEA.

      • You really believe that drive, don’t you? Who told you that, Rush? I’m more liberal than conservative, but what this independent hates is IGNORANCE.

        What you typed smacks of jingoistic nonsense.

        Look, let me make this very simple because you seem to like it served that way. Progressives are just what it says: they want progress, improvement, and shedding of old ways. If you are not a progressive, you are either a regressive (hearken to some mythical good old days), or you are an obstructionist to progress.

        What you see as ‘hate’ is really the frustration the college age brother has with his little brother who believes in imaginary friends. Take it from someone who knows: we don’t hate you, we pity you.

        • Jon Lester says:

          Yet the Democrats keep nominating all these centrist corporatists who could easily fit in with “moderate” Republicans. I feel the whole conservative/liberal label game is as phony as it is purposefully distracting.

          You might recall from history that the original “Progressives” were led by Teddy Roosevelt, who did indeed make some good improvements at home, even as he practiced an openly imperialistic foreign policy.

        • Bobloblaw says:

          Yes. I do indeed believe that progressives hate conservatives more than they hate jihadists. They are certainly always either downplaying Islamic terrorism such as Obama did with the Ottawa shootings or justifying it. They never give conservatives the benefit of the doubt they give Islamic terrorists. The goal of progressivism is utopia and the left considers themselves good people. Thus anyone who opposes their agenda must be evil. Conservatives think liberals are wrong. Liberals think conservatives are evil. Liberals also think conservatives are only motivated by race. Want tax cuts? That’s racist. Stronget defense? Racist.

        • Bobloblaw says:

          “””You really believe that drive, don’t you? Who told you that, Rush? I’m more liberal than conservative, but what this independent hates is IGNORANCE.””

          Whenever anyone angers a liberal, the liberal always retorts that it must be Talk radio or Fox News that provided information to the person who angered them. When in fact it is just simple independent observation. Conservatives don’t get their marching orders the way liberals do from their msnbc heros.

          • Will Durant says:

            Regardless of the slant, and virtually all are, Al Jazeera does employ journalists. Rush Limbaugh is a self-described “talk show host and commenter”. Basically he is a shock jock of the political variety and hit it big. If you are half the political analyst you claim to be you might want to see if Rush is not doing “conservatives” more harm than good these days, especially with some of his misogynist rants. Upon noting the 20+ point spread in favor of Democrats by unmarried women in the current Senate battleground states Rush said:

            The Republican Party would be well advised to set up a dating service and to embark on a policy of arranging dates for as many unmarried women as possible. Well, it’s too late for a policy initiative. The only thing to do is to embark on a plan to get these women married.

            We can check with Bridget as I am loathe to speak for another group, but somehow I don’t think this approach is going to work.

            • Bobloblaw says:

              Well how about Fox News??? Liberals are obsessed with Fox, yet Ive never heard one liberal complaint about Al Jizzera.

              “”We can check with Bridget as I am loathe to speak for another group, but somehow I don’t think this approach is going to work.””

              Marriage is one of the top predictors of voting patterns, that along with church attendance.

    • Will Durant says:

      “Obama refers to the Syrian rebels as moderates but calls the tea party extremists.”

      I was going to leave this attempted “Obama” deflection alone as you did do the Kevin Bacon thing again and use tea party in your quote without quotes. But since Bob has went off on a tangent playing off of its purported merits lets investigate this statement in its full ignorance.

      First, the statement itself is ignorant in lumping all of the Syrian rebel groups under one umbrella in attempting to make it appear that the President is talking about ISIL. In fact there were more than a dozen different groups that rebelled in 2011 as part of the “Arab Spring” movement and more than a couple of them could be considered moderate, even secular to a degree. ISIL didn’t join the party in Syria until 2013 when they pounced on the weakened Assad government and some of the fractional rebel groups to gain the bulk of the Syrian oil fields.

      Second, the quote originally contained quotes to isolate the words “moderates” and “extremists” meaning that the President has used those words but completely taken out of context without reference.

      Third, and this is the most fun, a search on the entire string comes up with an exact match in an online attempt at political comedy directed toward conservatives called Newsbusted. This was a one-liner used in a 9/23 episode of the program hosted on patriot.tv and conservativevideos.com. Both are member sites along with the godfatherpolitics.com linked by you the previous day on the SSM issue, all to Liberty Alliance, founded by Brandon Vallorani. Yep, the same guy over in Powder Springs who is partners with the preacher who wants to execute “sodomites” on some of the other Liberty Alliance sites. These are a conglomeration of non-profit and profit sites that alternatively promote religion, liberty, tea party, conservatism, guns, wine, and cigars. By browsing their network you can donate to your conservative cause du juor or you can purchase books published by their own house, Gadsden flags, knives, etc.

      For the most part the TEA party movement has devolved into the typical money grab and some people are still willing to send theirs to them.

  2. saltycracker says:

    The Tea Party thought they were driving the wagon and finally realized they best load up as it was leaving.

  3. Someone help me understand why a Democratic ‘controlled’ Senate is such a horrible thing? What is your agenda? Cut social networks and increase defense spending? Gut Obamacare? And replace it with what?

    Your wet dream is to control all three segments of government, not to do anything that would help the country, you just want to obstruct the Democrats while the country falls into the sh*tter AGAIN.

    Give me something, anything other than “it ain’t the darkie” PLEASE.

    Just what do you REALLY want to do with the country if you were in charge, GOP?

    • Dave Bearse says:

      GOP control of all branches isn’t a dream. It’s a nightmare based on what happened in the last decade.

      The war in Afghanistan was pushed to the side for a wholly unnecessary trillion dollar Iraq war that’s destabilized the region for the forseeeable future…..a wholly unfunded new healthcare entitlement costing twice as much as predicted, Medicare Part D, for the segment of society that already had the most comprehensive healthcare entitlement…..tax cuts for the rich, deficits for the country, and reaping the results of irresponsible deregulation.

      “Just what do you REALLY want to do with the country if you were in charge, GOP?”

      We already know: war, new entitlements and tax cuts for supporters, deregulation and fiscal irresponsibility.

      • Bobloblaw says:

        Deregulation? Deregulation of what exactly? Oh maybe allowing commercial banks to engage in investment banking? Oops, that was Clinton who did that on advice of Robert Rubin

        • Dave Bearse says:

          Sure some Dems had a hand those things. The point is that they were things the done either when the GOP was in charge, or that the GOP overwhelmingly supported. Oops, you overlooked the information that is available on the internets.

          Iraq resolution, taken in the context of GOP executive branch made up yellowcake:
          House GOP 215 yea – 6 nay, Dems 82 yea – 126 nay
          Senate GOP 48 yea – 1 nay, Dems 29 yea – 21 nay

          GOP sponsored banking deregulation legislation in a GOP controlled Congress:
          House GOP 205 yea– 16 nay; Dems 138 yea – 69 nay
          Senate GOP 53 yea – 0 nay; Dems 1 yea – 44 nay

          • Bobloblaw says:

            Wow Dems in the House by 2:1 supported repeal of Glass Steagal. Not too shabby.

            And on the Iraq War, Senate Dems supported War 58% to 42%.

    • Bobloblaw says:

      You pretty much discredited yourself when you threw out the race card. As though Clinton was lived and adored by the GOP.

  4. Three Jack says:

    Nice timing, the Friday afternoon dump when nobody pays attention. Basically comes down to TPP no longer even pretending to be a reform minded group of rebels. They are now part of the ‘gimme, gimme, gimme’ establishment concerned more about fundraising than the principles on which they were formed.

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