Letting #HATEWeek Flow Through You

Y’all might have seen Lawton’s opus about the fake GSU (Georgia Southern). They’re making the trip up to Atlanta for a match of inter-collegiate varsity gridiron football on Saturday. Really, you can’t blame Lawton’s online enthusiasm. After all, Statesboro just got internet last year.

In case there’s any doubt which school is the real GSU, just consult the internet: we’ve got GSU.edu, they don’t. (Sorry, Grambling State!)

But if that’s not enough, even Southern has ceded GSU to us, surely in deference to our superiority in every arena. 

Southern raiding from great Georgia schools is a bit of a tradition.

To help elucidate the difference, GSU created a couple hashtags #StateNotSouthern being one and the Orwellian #HateWeek. (For you Southern grads, that refers to “1984”. The  book. Not the last year your threads were fashionable).

Speaking of the past, they keep harping on some “national championships” that they won. Of course no one thinks those are real championships and they were won in a division that doesn’t even exist anymore. I’m sure those will come in real handy for… something.

Southern’s confusion about their rightful place in the pecking order inspires about as much sympathy as one feels for Touchstone. But probably less.

And remind me please, which one of us had a perfect record last year? Oh yeah. GEORGIA STATE!

I say all this to say: I can’t wait for basketball season to begin. Go Panthers.


  1. Lawton Sack says:

    A few points to note:

    1. The FCS (formerly I-AA) still exists and those SIX national championships are still recognized by the NCAA. LINK

    2. Georgia Southern had a perfect 1-0 record in the FBS last year.

    3. All 11 of Georgia State’s total football victories have come against FCS or lower schools. Georgia Southern has 275 total victories, with 5 of them against FBS opponents.

    4. I get 15 Mb downstream via fiber optic cable. From a telephone cooperative, owned by its subscribers, that has nothing to do with Comcast, Time Warner, etc., etc.

    5. When is the last time a Panther was spotted in downtown Atlanta??? Shouldn’t they be the Georgia State Traffic Congestions?

    6. The rest of the talking will be done on the field tomorrow.

  2. Dr. Monica Henson says:

    As a graduate of Western Carolina University in the olden days before Erk’s Eagles had a stadium large enough to qualify them for membership in the Southern Conference, I can vouch that Division I-AA football not only exists but is quite competitive.

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