Coalition For Georgia’s Future Out With Statewide Ad Buy

One of the biggest themes in the governor’s race is education. A third party group, the Coalition for Georgia’s Future, is out with this ad, which, we’re told, will run in statewide media markets.


    • Bobloblaw says:

      Aside from watergate, Nixon was an excellent president. And watergate was over blown compared to LBJ’s criminal activity.

      • John Konop says:


        I agree that Nixon was a very good president….other than Watergate look at what he achieved….Had not been for Watergate…..he would of been rated near the top….

            • David C says:

              Nothing says ‘objective’ like the Nixon Foundation.

              Saying that “other than Watergate Nixon would have been great” is the political “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”

                • David C says:

                  On Domestic Policy, things like the Clean Air Act and many other things done were Nixon signing bills that were otherwise passed by huge margins by a Congress still filled with huge Democratic majorities. They aren’t so much accomplishments as just things Nixon did because he only really cared about foreign policy and securing his political base. On foreign policy, I’d say detente and opening China were tremendous accomplishments, but not ending Vietnam for four years (and sabotaging peace talks in 1968 in order to get elected in the first place is a big black mark. And more to the point: The link in question are 20 short pieces (really for someone making a report in like middle school) cherrypicked to make Nixon look good.

                  There were other issues to the Nixon Presidency, and some real accomplishments with China and detente, but it is fundamentally impossible to excuse what was, as Sen. Sam Ervin said, an effort “To destroy, insofar as the presidential election of 1972 was concerned, the integrity of the process by which the president of the United States is nominated and elected” and beyond that the coverup, turning the White House into a completely criminal enterprise filled with hush money, trying to get the CIA to block the investigation, the Saturday Night Massacre, and all the rest. There’s the pre-Watergate ‘plumbers’ plotting break-ins and tapping phones all over Washington. Nixon built a criminal conspiracy to destroy the democratic process. Nothing excuses that.

              • Bobloblaw says:

                So there was no other defining issues in the Nixon Presidency? Nixon’s going to China was the beginning of the end of the Cold War.

                • Jon Lester says:

                  The Sino-Soviet split had begun in about 1960-61 and was only widening (and those powers had very different reasons for supporting North Vietnam). Nixon made it permanent. Also, despite official reverence for Mao, the real hero of China’s turnaround was Deng Xiaoping.

                  It’s my opinion that the Cold War might have ended much sooner if Brzezinski hasn’t put his historic aristocratic family grievances ahead of his duty to President Carter by provoking the Afghanistan invasion. There wouldn’t be an al-Qaeda or a “Global War on Terror,” either.

                  • Bobloblaw says:

                    Nixon was the first to realize that and take advantage of the Sino-Soviet Split. It was the beginning of the end of the Cold War because it forced the USSR to greatly increase defense spending.

            • xdog says:

              John, if I got any more objective I’d be a Fair Witness. Nixon was the most successful exploiter of fear, cynicism, close-mindedness, racism to ever serve as president.

              Those talking points are odd: oversaw desegregation, welcomed home astronauts, signed the Paris Accords, honored POWs with ‘the largest reception in White House history’. Wow.

              As a good goper, how do you feel about his escalating the SE Asian war, taking the US off the gold standard, signing the ABM treaty, instituting wage and price controls, messing with Chilean elections?

              • John Konop says:


                I am a pragmatist not a party first guy…..He did some things I agreed with, and some I did not….but overall Nixon was a very good president less Watergate.

              • Bobloblaw says:

                “”Nixon was the most successful exploiter of fear, cynicism, close-mindedness, racism to ever serve as president.” Nixon was the one who pushed school desegregation.

                “”As a good goper, how do you feel about his escalating the SE Asian war” He de-escalated the ground war and escalated the airwar. Going from 550K troops in SE Asia in 1969 to 50K in 1972 is not an escalation.

                “”taking the US off the gold standard, signing the ABM treaty, instituting wage and price controls, messing with Chilean elections?””

                Big black marks except for the last one. Allende would have destroyed Chile’s economy and democracy. Allende had already been censured by the congress and was on his way to being impeached. Chile is not Argentina today thanks to 9-11-1973

              • John Konop says:

                He won by a plurality not a majority. This was less than 10 years from the Cuban missile crises.

                ………..The United States worked feverishly to derail Allende’s selection but the election was upheld on October 24, 1970. Allende immediately confirmed the worst fears of U.S. officials when he extended diplomatic recognition to North Vietnam, North Korea, and Cuba, and also began to take action to nationalize the holdings of U.S. corporations in Chile, notably ITT and Kennecott Copper. U.S. officials also believed that Allende was supporting revolutionary activities in Latin America and viewed him as a significant threat to hemispheric security and U.S. economic interests in Chile.

                Yet, Allende posed an interesting problem. Unlike Castro, he had come to power peacefully and democratically. Thus, the United States could hardly launch a Bay-of-Pigs-like attack on the Allende regime. Undaunted, the administration of President Richard Nixon began to formulate plans to destabilize the Chilean government and see to the removal of Allende. These plans came to fruition in 1973 when a coup by the Chilean military overthrew Allende and assassinated him…..


  1. John Konop says:

    The truth is Deal has done a good job promoting alternative education tracks over one size fit all approach college education or out ie NCLB. The mood of the commercial needs to be more upbeat like Cagle….

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