Who Said This?

The chairman of one of Georgia’s political parties gave the AJC this statement Tuesday evening:

It echoes the message for job training and opportunity and changing the climate of communities. … It’s all about changing the climate and the communities so that you can move forward and not feel like you’re restricted. That’s the message from our entire team: Let’s bring better opportunities so it doesn’t end up like that.

Was that leader talking about Casey Cagle’s effort to promote career academies in Georgia? Or, was he talking about how Nathan Deal has implemented criminal justice reform that reduces the prison population and works to educate offenders, many of whom are black, so they can be integrated back into society? Or, was it the promotion and passage of the Charter Schools amendment two years ago that expanded the opportunities for children with failing schools in their neighborhoods to get a decent education?

If you guessed any of the above, you are wrong.

The first page of a mailer sent out by the Democratic Party of Georgia.  Credit:  Jim Galloway, AJC
The first page of a mailer sent out by the Democratic Party of Georgia. Credit: Jim Galloway, AJC
Instead, that’s Democratic Party of Georgia Chairman Dubose Porter justifying this mailer that was apparently sent to people of color, urging them to “vote for change” and to vote early. The AJC caught up with Porter Tuesday evening and asked for his comments.

Democrats and Republicans alike are doing their best to motivate their voters to cast ballots in November. But, it’s a non-sequitur for the Democrats to link the events in the city of Ferguson Missouri with who will be elected to Georgia’s statewide or federal offices. That, however, is the ugly politics of race. It’s seen on the Republican side as well, with opposition to “Amnesty” any time a proposal is made to modify the way immigration works.

The Rick Allen campaign in Georgia’s Twelfth District was quick to respond:

“The national and local media, citizens from across the country and international poll-watchers would rain fire and vitriol from the heavens if Republicans tried this — as well they should,” said Allen spokesman Dan McLagan. “This is ugly, racist, wrong and, sadly, in character for a Democratic Party that is out of ideas and desperate to cling to what congressional seats they can. If John Barrow won’t disavow and condemn this foul spew, it will say more about his character than any 30-second ad ever could.”

Dan McLagan is one of the more colorful spokesmen in Georgia politics. But, there’s truth in what he says. One wonders what Jason Carter or Michelle Nunn, who talks about working across the aisle to solve the country’s problems, would say about the mailer.


  1. FTSmithers says:

    2 thoughts jump out to me. First, this is a pretty bold mailer that crosses enough lines to look desperate. The death of a young man in Ferguson was a tragedy and should not be used for political gain. The suggestion that voting out Republicans will stop race based violence in the future is overly broad in its grouping of republicans and overly narrow by ignoring the role democrats and the way the Democratic Party has increased racial division (particularlyduring civil rights). this mailer prevents is from having real conversations about integrating or society from a social and cultural prospective which is what i see as the only longterm solution to healing.

    In addition, it seems foolish to group all Democrats in together and require public statements against such tactics. evidence that Nunn, Carter, and Barrow don’t agree with such tactics is that their campaigns are not using such tactics. Mr. MacLagan’s statement, although a quick response, did not seem to offer any valuable perspective.to the article. When will journalists and bloggers start simply telling campaign spokespersons that they don’t get free shots to criticize their opponents in articles solely because they have the title of Spokesman? Unless rain fire and vitriol from the heavens is what Peachpundit thinks should be added to the conversation…

  2. John Konop says:

    The race for Senator has been a bad joke on both sides….Nasty spewing with no real policy….other than fire up the base…both sides using fear over solutions…,And we wonder why nothing gets done…both sides point fingers while queuing up their next attack….

  3. “This is ugly, racist, wrong

    No it’s not. Well, it is ugly. The truth about oppression of a class of people is often ugly to the suppressor groups. It is certainly not racist because no where does it say “hate whitey” or even subtly says it. It points out an Unfortunate Truth about how the police are gunning down people, unarmed, even in a surrender mode.

    And it is not wrong to remind everyone about the Georgia power structure that is one thin veneer of entitlement away from murder by authority.

    The only thing I see that is desperate is the response by the gentleman who takes a clean hit to the jaw while whining about a low blow.

    I approve that message because it should spark a conversation we all need to have in order to move orderly into the 21st Century.

  4. TheEiger says:

    I used to have quite a bit of respect for Dubose. Not so much now. Why does the racial make up of the city council and police department in Ferguson have anything to do with Georgia?

    • John Konop says:

      I agree, with that said the real issue is the over militarization of the police. We need to have stranger controls on no knock warrants for non violent accused offenders. And use of Swat type tactics needs to be reviewed, and used properly.

      • TheEiger says:

        This mail piece says nothing about that. It says vote Democrat or white cops may shoot you in the streets.

  5. benevolus says:

    I get the connection but I still think it is inappropriate.
    Maybe I would feel differently if I were Black.

  6. Jon Lester says:

    Whatever I may think of particular candidates or issues, I’ll always be quick to say that Georgia Democrats deserve better than they’ve been getting for state party leadership.

  7. Dave Bearse says:

    Rick Allen is indeed on high ground, what with Allen condemning the spew of nutjob Jody Hice, and Governor Deals reference to ghetto grandmothers ‘n all.

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