Morning Reads in Autumn

I guess fall is officially upon us. I can no longer lie to myself… at least about the change of seasons.

Frank Sinatra “Autumn Leaves” 

  1. College graduates barely coming to Atlanta. 
  2. GA-12 one of the worst districts to run campaign ads in. 
  3. Atlanta’s traffic costs each commuter $1,120. 
  4. Secret audio recordings show Atlanta hardship payments were not for police chief’s hardships. 
  5. Close ties between the Nunn and Perdue families making race a little awkward for folks. 
  6. Cong. Lewis has a handy five-page PDF on Ebola. 
  7. Albany a good place to live for centrists, Peachtree City good for conservatives. 
  8. Alleged Gurley autograph hawker says he’s being harassed. 
  9. You’ve got Beltline questions, I’ve got Beltline answers! 
  10. The Creative Loafing food issue is pretty good. 
  11. I’m a worthy opponent for GGG. Anytime, anyplace. 


  1. Jon Lester says:

    If Peachtree City is so good for nominal conservatives, then why is Lynn Westmoreland the best they can do for Congress? It’s not unlike the Athens area, where the most anyone’s saying about Ken Dious is that he’s actually running against Jody Hice, in a supposedly “liberal” stronghold in GA-10, which didn’t even have a Democrat in the 2012 race.

    Maybe shallow bench syndrome has become a national pandemic.

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