New #GAGov Ads: Experience, Kate Carter, and Jobs (en Español)

With just two weeks left until Election Day, the ad wars for Georgia’s gubernatorial race are heating up. The Republican Governors Association is bringing another ad to Georgia’s airwaves to support Governor Nathan Deal in his reelection efforts. The new ad, “Realize,” repeats previous RGA attacks, but also introduces a topic that Governor Deal and State Senator Jason Carter sparred over in Sunday’s Atlanta Press Club debate – Carter’s legislative record. While the ad claims that Sen. Carter “never passed a bill,” the Carter campaign pushes back by citing 85 Carter-sponsored or co-sponsored bills, 54 of which were bipartisan and 21 of which were signed into law.

The Carter campaign recently launched a new ad of their own featuring Carter’s wife, Kate. Those following this race will remember Governor Deal’s positive ad featuring his other half, Sandra, earlier this month. With Kate hitting the airwaves, it’s clear that the race for Georgia’s First Lady is also picking up.

Comments from the RGA and Carter campaigns on the RGA ad, plus an additional Spanish-language anti-Deal/Perdue ad, are available below the fold. 

RGA Communications Director Gail Gitcho on their new ad:

“Jason Carter is no leader. He’s been in the state Senate for four years but never passed a bill, and he even admitted he doesn’t have a plan to create many jobs anytime soon. The more you learn about Jason Carter, the more obvious it becomes that he is not prepared to lead the state. Georgia won’t settle for a governor who sits on the sidelines.”

Carter for Governor Communications Director Bryan Thomas on the RGA ad:

“Experience does matter. Our experience with Nathan Deal is the worst unemployment rate in the country, countless ethics scandals, and a national embarrassment because of his handling of the snow storm. Georgia can’t take any more of the Nathan Deal experience.”

The attacks on Governor Deal leading Georgia to the nation’s highest unemployment rate, as well as David Perdue’s outsourcing comments, have now made it to Spanish-language ads. People for the American Way has launched this next ad in the Atlanta media market. You can find the English translation below.

We know the value of hard work. But Republicans have a very different view of ‘hard work.’
David Perdue has exploited workers and fired thousands. And what did he say about that? “I’m proud of it.”
And thanks to Governor Deal, Georgia has the highest unemployment rate in the nation.
These Republicans don’t share our values. That’s why we must vote against the Republicans on November 4th!

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  1. Bull Moose says:

    Someone may want to let poor Gail at the RGA know that Nathan Deal sure didn’t exactly blaze a trail of results while in Congress. In fact, he’s most well known for resigning to avoid further investigation by the House Ethics Committee.

    Even though it’s been proven that Jason sponsored bills and Deal signed them into law, apparently Gail and the RGA apparently don’t know that.

    I seriously could go on and on about the things Gail and the RGA may or may not know. Then again, these are the people that sent Gov. Chris Christie into our state and had him praise Deal on his ethics. Sadly, I think everyone on both sides of the aisle probably spit their drink out on that one!

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