Cagle Releases Another Positive TV Ad

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle released another TV ad that once again has a positive message AND focuses on an issue. In an overly saturated and negative political ad season, it is good to hear (or see) a positive ad come across the airwaves.

The ad, like his first, focuses on College and Career academies and never mentions Connie Stokes, his Democratic opponent.

I am neither a pollster nor a pundit, but my gut tells me that Cagle will poll the highest percentage of any of the statewide candidates in two weeks.  I think that he has the right type of message that will hopefully be emulated by future campaigns.  Voters (and my younger children) are becoming very weary of all of the negative ads.

My transcription of the video can be found after the break.

Cagle: Students should be fighting to get into school, not fighting to get out.

Overlay – Casey Cagle Building A Better Georgia

Student (“Brian”): I want more than a high school degree.

Cagle: Students need educational options that let them find their passion and success in life.

Student: Casey Cagle champions College and Career Academies that put us on a path to success.

Cagle: We are giving our kids every chance to compete on the world stage.

Student: I want to be an engineer so I can build things.

Cagle: Working together, we can build a better Georgia.


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    Not that my peon opinion matters, but Roy Barnes slipped a couple of notches testifying as a character witness on Balfour’s behalf.

          • You know I’m just referring to a TV show character in jest, right? I was pretty upset over some Cagle stories (ones that I truly don’t think were rumors because of the consistency and quantities of the stories), BUT I’ve witnessed so much worse garbage about other politicians that, like Clinton, you sort of just give the guy a pass. He very adeptly faded to the background, let the news cycles forget him, and then re-emerged fresh faced. Yeah, he’s the Georgia version of Bill Clinton.

            He’ll be Governor.

            • John Konop says:

              If he does become Governor….which I agree is very possible…..I do think he would do a very good job. He would be very rational and could bring people together to get things done like infastructure. Also he is spot on about promoting more options for students other than 4 year college or out….

  2. Bull Moose says:

    I think this is a good ad and I think that Casey Cagle is one of the few people on the Republican side interested in actually solving problems versus just making rhetorical statements.

    I haven’t seen or talked to him in a long while, but I believe that he is one of the few folks that still endeavors to serve for the benefit of the entirety of our state.

      • Bobloblaw says:

        Yeah, I can see that. I think Id vote for him in the primary, but my candidates usually lose the GOP primaries here in GA. Hopefully with the scare the GOP is getting this year, we’ll see some better sense from GOP primary voters in 2018.

  3. Ellynn says:

    It’s also a slight dig to some who served in the senate cira 2007-08. The Career Academy program and tie in to the tech schools was his pet project. He had issues getting it into the budget and it had little to no interest from Gov. Perdue. Keep in mind that this was before the recession, and while the gov was busy creating his education pet project.

    When the first one was built and finished in 2009, he had alot riding on it’s success. To my knowledge it is doing very well and the model to the other career Academies many rural districts are adding to their school systems.

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