Bitter Future Ex-Senator Don Balfour Making Scorched Earth Exit

Don Balfour is that guy that for twenty years kept doing the same things but the people kept re-electing him.  That stopped this year, with Balfour not making the runoff in a three-way contest for his seat.

Balfour hasn’t gone quietly.  He pretty much thumbed his nose at …well, everyone with this piece about him having a reserved place of piety because he was “in the arena”.  Let’s re-count why he is no longer in the arena.  It’s because the voters called him home.

Why?  Because of the years of documented arrogance that was exposed during his recent journey that ended with him being acquitted on criminal charges, but leaves a $5,000 fine leveled from his peers on his permanent record.  Balfour was once the most powerful man in the GA Senate.  He’s now un-elected, and is trying to take at least one other Republican with him:  Sam Olens.

Olens is the incumbent Attorney General.  It was Olens’ Office that sought and received an 18 count indictment against Balfour.  Olens’ office was ultimately unable to secure a conviction.

Upon the verdict, Balfour has liked to pretend he has been a victim.  He’s not.  He was made aware of the discrepancies in 2010 – including his duty under Senate Rules and GA Law to hold Audit Committee meetings – but did nothing until ethics complaints began moving against him years later.   His arrogance was his downfall.

Now, he’s going for retribution.  WSB TV’s Richard Belcher is reporting a story that Balfour is claiming Olens’ prosecution is in retribution for Balfour and/or Waffle House not making a contribution to the GOP AG’s National Prosecutor’s conference.

Olens’ succinct response:  If he truly believed any fundraising request of mine influenced his prosecution, he would not have waiting until two weeks before my re-election to say so.

Exacty. Balfour used to be a man that was feared.  That’s because he did crap like this for 20 years and people kept re-electing him. Balfour has always been about Don Balfour.  Some on his team wanted others – including us – to look the other way for the good of this team.  On his exit, this is one of his final gifts back to the same team.  Good riddance to him.


  1. Patrick T. Malone says:

    Nothing worse than an ethically challenged loser trying to blame others for his bad behavior.

  2. Cowabunga says:

    Well shucks, he’s just one who got busted. There’s a few more crooks up there, starting in the governor’s office.

  3. benevolus says:

    For a while there I harbored the feeling that Olens had done him a favor. Being acquitted of something should be a good thing, and Olens did not appear to have his heart into that prosecution.
    Maybe it was just An Olens fumble.

    • Michael Silver says:

      Matt, we agree.

      I’ve witnessed Balfour in committee hearings threaten citizens and fellow legislators for not agreeing with him. He promised to personally bury legislation if the people dared to continue lobbying for legislation that he didn’t agree with.

      In the Senate, hearings are not televised/recorded. I always felt that Balfour used his power to prevent the videos so that there would be no record of his tyrannical behavior. When he is gone and Senators stop fearing him, you will start to hear amazing stories about the guy.

  4. Bull Moose says:

    Well… thankfully this person will not even become a footnote in GA history!

    Somehow I feel that if the current occupant of the Governor’s mansion is reelected that he will find some board or commission in which to appoint Balfour.

  5. debbie0040 says:

    This is total bullsh** ! Sam went after “The Don” because it was his duty to do so and because we were all putting tremendous pressure on him to act.

    My question to soon to be former Sen. Balfour is how many times did he move legislation because he had received gifts or contributions from people that supported it ? He accused Sam of going after him because he did not give money to Sam, so it appears FORMER Rules Chair Balfour equates money with action.

    Sam deserves re-election.

    • Three Jack says:

      “Sam deserves re-election”. I’m not necesarily disagreeing with that sentiment, but he and his lawyers failed to convict one of the most convictable defendants he will likely ever encounter. Balfour walked away despite overwhelming evidence against him. This should be a huge mark against Olens in his re-election bid.

      • Will Durant says:

        I think they over-charged him but primarily just another example that justice isn’t equal. Money talks and in this case Balfour walks with $632K as a lovely parting gift.

  6. Will Durant says:

    I try to keep name calling out of my politics and will refrain here as well, mostly. He is certainly sanctimonious but I’ve never met his mother.

  7. WeymanCWannamakerJr says:

    A question to the pollsters here. According to his campaign expenditure reports Balfour spent $65K on “campaign polling” in his losing primary bid. Is this an unusual amount for a person running for State Senator to spend for mere polling in a single reporting period? Fun fact, $15K of the polling money was to Community Endorsement Team, LLC, whose registered agent is Daniel L. Stout of Dallas, GA. Yep, the Glenn Richardson replacement known for knowing his Mother-in-Law in the Biblical sense. Is he in the polling biz these days?

    As an aside regarding the guaranteed reorganization of the Ethics Commission, please send them some IT money. Trying to glean data from that site is a challenge, almost as if intended. LaBerge should have hired IT types instead of firing them.

  8. Jon Lester says:

    When someone challenges the re-election of a competent attorney general, it’s pretty much only for personal ambition, and not because there can be any partisan interpretation of those duties, which is why Thurbert Baker was elected three times, even as a Republican supermajority was forming in state government.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      I’m not saying Olens is incompetent, but it’s incumbency more than competency that gets Georgia pols re-elected.

      Essentially a pol has too really mess up, or there be an extraordinary challenger or other extraordinary circumstances for a Georgia incumbent not to be re-elected. Essentially everything concerning Balfour’s improper reimbursements was public knowledge months before he coasted to his last re-election victory.

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