Atlanta City Council Member Can’t Access Financial Records

Felicia Moore is a member of the Atlanta City Council.  Furthermore, she’s a member of the Council’s Finance/Executive Committee.  She’s also perhaps the most fierce watchdog of taxpayers’ funds on the council.

So….when the council member who is known to be a watchdog who also sits on the Finance Committee can’t get access to the city’s financial records….we may have a problem.  Councilwoman Moore has sent the following notice to the press:

ATLANTA – Atlanta City Councilmember Felicia Moore will discuss her latest requests for access to all city of Atlanta accounts payable financial records and transparency in city government during a 10:30 a.m. news conference on Wednesday, October 22 in Committee Room No. 2 at Atlanta City Hall.

Moore originally requested access to all of the city’s records but revised her request for specifically one thing, access to “view only” accounts payable financial records that show all monies being expended by the city.

Moore has requested access to Oracle, the city’s current financial reporting system, to view those payments made by the city. That access was denied late Monday in a letter to members of the Atlanta City Council. The letter, addressed to Councilmember Moore and copied to members of the Atlanta City Council, is attached.

This may look a bit inside baseball, but watch it closely.  Ms. Moore usually shows up for battle prepared.  And she usually knows exactly what she’s after before she gets it.

H/T to Grayson Daughters on FB


  1. gcp says:

    Moore is also the council member that challenged Reed on the strange vacation/sick leave payouts to high ranking city employees. Reed denies knowing about the payouts beforehand but media (WSB I believe) has audio of Chief Turner saying the mayor offered the payout to retain him as chief. And really, Turner makes 240,000 and gets an 80,000 vacation payout.

    This whole thing is reminiscent of raises given to water department execs and of course Reed didn’t know about those raises either.

  2. Baker says:

    Again via Grayson’s FB:

    Says Kasim Reed about Ms. Moore’s request to access Oracle, “Your request is nothing more than a naked power grab designed solely to advance your personal political purposes.”

    Man this guy. He’s got some nerve and the sad thing is only a smidgen of people follow Atlanta politics closely enough to know how much this kind of stuff (like the water dept stuff mentioned above by gcp) is going on.

  3. NoTeabagging says:

    “Your request is nothing more than a naked power grab designed solely to advance your personal political purposes.” Said every politician to their opponents.
    The other masterful ploy to diffuse opposition goes something like,”Well, you know I’m a Dawg fan and you are doing this because you’re a Tech fan.” Change team names at will.
    Sadly, playing the team rivalry card works 99% of time.

  4. Trey A. says:

    Ever wonder how it is that Kasim and Deal get along so well?

    Felicia Moore does a fantastic job on council and is extremely open and accessible to her constituents. I’m happy to be a homeowner in her district.

    Kasim Reed detests her because she refuses to play the wink wink nod nod game. Reed had one of his buddies try to unseat her last year–helped fund his campaign. The guy had about 10 times as much campaign dough as Felicia and his signs were everywhere, but he fooled no one. We re-elected Felicia by a wide margin.

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