Morning Reads: 20 October 2014

11 days till Halloween, 12 days until  half off Halloween candy, 15 days until election day. Here’s what happened over the weekend.


#Moarmoney in the Senate race.
A ‘non partison” guide to the Governor’s race.
Speaking of the Governor’s race, which candidate supports Gurley more?
Healthcare is a big deal, the under discussed issue is the plight of rural healthcare delivery.
There are still some bugs, but overall the variable speed limits on 285 are a good thing.


Furman vs. South Carolina, 10-41
Texas A&M vs. Alabama, 0-59
UGA vs. Arkansas, 45-32
Tennessee vs. Old Miss, 3-34
Mizzou vs. Florida, 42-13
Kentucky vs. LSU, 3-41


CDC issues Ebola guidelines for healthcare workers.
Student protests because… because why not?
The economy, more important to voters than a fan at the debate.
Central Asia and the Ubeki stan stan branding.
The protests in Hong Kong aren’t as polite anymore.



  1. Jon Lester says:

    Uzbekistan could change its name to Sandy Place, Kazakhstan to Borat’s Place, and Kyrgyzstan to whatever else, and Americans still wouldn’t know where those countries are or have any curiosity about them. They really shouldn’t do it on our behalf.

  2. Harry says:
  3. Ed says:

    I know you don’t care but this was another awful week for the SEC.

    Arkansas and Kentucky were showing promise but proved they have a long way to go… aTm looks worse than ever… LSU is still terrible… Florida continues its freefall while Mizzou remains bad… Vandy and SC are playing like they always have… Tennessee is no good but will upset ‘Bama…

    The vast majority of the conference is bad and two of the marquee teams will have nothing next year. Remind me why we should worship the SEC?

  4. NoTeabagging says:

    Supporting Gurley. Both vague. Typical non-specific campaign message.
    Are they supporting Gurley the person? Gurley breaking the rules? or Gurley, the right to pimp his own brand Gurley?

  5. saltycracker says:

    Bill D

    Could a bad work force stat be good news for Georgia?
    Kiplimger.has a ranking out (everyone has a list) of the best states For retirees. Leans to costs like taxes.
    How are the retired figured in employment numbers ?

    1. Alaska
    2. Wyoming
    3. Nevada
    4. Georgia
    5. Arizona
    ….,.,,10. Florida

    These are folks with money, min. stress on public costs, volunteers…..
    Any stats on this migration, impact ?

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