Tom Owens’ “Evidence” Of Being Stalked By A Journalist

In case anyone wants a late laugh as a coda to the madness of the last week, I’ve finally managed to upload the 19-minute video that Tom Owens offered in court this week as evidence of criminal stalking.

This is the unedited video his videographer gave my attorney Tom Clyde at the hearing. It’s also what was shown to Judge Becker, and probably the reason she threw the whole thing out as summarily as she did. As I said, it’s unreal that they believed this would support their claims.

Joe Newton is literally in my face agitating on the video, and then sat on the stand and accused me of behaving aggressively and threateningly, mere minutes after the judge watched it in HD.

Owens claimed in court, under oath, that I never identified myself as a journalist. Both he and his campaign manager Wayne Witter swore that I said “I will destroy you” with the first words out of my mouth when I met him. (Witter is curiously absent from those first shots, given his claim of hearing such a thing.) Owens testified that I leaned in and whispered “I’ll kill you and I’ll enjoy doing it,” in this first conversation.

And he testified to that after the video had been shownand after he had watched it with the judgeWatch the first 30 seconds and make your own judgments.

A few highlights. Owens spent at least eight minutes talking with me outside after these supposed threats. He walked away without telling me not to contact him. At 8:43, at the Dunwoody forum, the cameraman goes outside and Owens instructs him to shadow me, hoping for some kind of … something, I don’t know.

At 11:30, after the forum, I attempt to ask questions and Joe Newton gets in my face and starts agitating … and I don’t deck him.

At 14:30, Newton tells me to “go home, fool,” and then Wayne Witter accuses me of lying about my military service record as I ask Owens about rejecting a $150,000 offer to sell his home … for a $500,000 demand. A moment later, Newton calls me “just another violent muslim.”

And at 18:00, I give a monologue to Owens’ cameraman about what I’ve got and why I’m asking questions. It’s hilarious.


  1. ricstewart says:

    Wouldn’t you love to hop on the Magic School Bus and spend a few minutes inside Joe Newton’s brain? Just to see what it must be like in there?

  2. George Chidi says:

    One last note, before I move on from this mess.

    The videographer is an entrepreneur and a decent human being who plainly took a job to make the rent without concern for the politics. He’s a stand-up comedian and budding film-maker when he’s not shooting video. I think one measure of professionalism is being able to capture moments like this without reacting in a personal way to unfolding events.

    He handled himself — is handling himself — with utter professionalism and I urge folks to make no assumptions about his views from this work.

    • Progressive Dem says:

      I think he has material for the next Ali G video. These people operate in an alternative reality. They are nuts with tinfoil hats.

  3. Michael Silver says:

    George, you are awesome. A true professional! Seeing you work gives me hope that there are excellent journalists seeking facts out there. You, sir, are EXCELLENT.

    There is no way your book can be made into a movie because you can’t top that video. It was so hilarious and kept getting funnier.

    My favorite part was at 11:50 and you deadpan to the camera ….. Who is this person? … which should be your book’s title and cover picture.

  4. Ghost of William F. Buckley says:

    It used to be, “Never argue with a person who buys ink by the barrel,” and has now become, “Never argue with a person who has access to free pixels.”

    There is an element of truth to the ‘Doraville Duo’s” misguided attempt to do good. DeKalb is a refugee County, a Federal dumping ground for those unfortunate people escaping conditions so wretched one can only pray they are not permanently damaged by the horror they witnessed.

    How big is the problem?

    A GAO report discusses resettlement and how involving the host community is probably a good idea, following a Congressional investigation:

    Is this a new political Nerf-ball?

    Resettlement in Georgia has gone from 1,442 in 2006 to 2,635 in 2013, while total US admission has dropped from over 120,00o in 1990 to less than 60,0000 in 2011.

    Hope these two knuckle-heads retreat into the safety of their small friend group and leave running the Free World to the adults in the room.

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