Refugee Relocation In DeKalb County And The Ebola Blame Game

George Chidi penned a very detailed piece about DeKalb County Commission candidate Tom Owens while I was away. If you haven’t read it, you should to get an understanding of the guy. It’s a very well-written by my colleague. Bravo, sir.

George’s piece, unfortunately, has brought Mr. Owens’ unpleasantness to him. Owens accused him of stalking and got a temporary restraining order against George. Thankfully, the restraining order has been cleared (and apparently the hearing was quite….interesting).

Comes now the organization “Refugee Relocation Relief”, which Owens has been associated with before, sending out an email urging folks to oppose candidates who refuse to oppose refugee relocation due to public health concerns:

We have been particularly vocal about Senator Fran Millar from Dunwoody who has sought and received special financial assistance which requires refugees to live in Dekalb County. We conducted a state-wide campaign against Nancy Jester, a former candidate for State School Superintendent and current candidate for DeKalb Commission who, while serving on the Dekalb School Board, ignored the RR problem and then later claimed it was someone else’s problem. DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY CANDIDATE FOR PUBLIC OFFICE WHO REFUSES TO OPPOSE THE RR, ASYLUM, AND DIVERSITY VISA PROGRAMS—ALL 3 PROGRAMS. MAKE THESE PEOPLE TAKE A STAND FOR PUBLIC HEALTH IN THIS STATE AND COUNTRY.

As a result misinformation and ignorance, we are now faced with a national health crisis called Ebola, which is the most contagious disease ever to reach our shore. Refugee contractors and other do-gooders have energetically worked with these foreign countries and refugee camps urging immigrants to come to America where “everything is free and life is good”. Predictably, this has lead to other contagious diseases being spread throughout this country. It is eminent that Ebola will soon be tracked to refugees as well (the first U.S. Ebola victim in TX was located in a densely populated refugee community) coming to us by and through the RR program.

I will note that the organization has promoted Mr. Owens as someone who would oppose refugee relocation, and has specifically named Nancy Jester as someone they opposed when running for state school superintendent. Ms. Jester is also running for the vacant commission seat in DeKalb as well…against Mr. Owens.

Mr. Owens and his associates have had run-ins with other folks at various political events. It sounds like they have certainly boarded the Crazy Train and have set its destination towards DeKalb County.

Republicans and conservatives have for years allowed themselves to be defined by those on the farthest right side of the political spectrum. People like these could define the conservative movement right off the edge.


    • Will Durant says:

      Not sure but they would have to get by his posse. They appear to be aficionados of “That Heavenly Coffee”.

  1. Ghost of William F. Buckley says:

    I saw Nathan’s post after I posted this on George Chidi’s bit about his run in with Cray-cray, regret the double here:

    There is an element of truth to the ‘Doraville Duo’s” misguided attempt to do good. DeKalb is a refugee County, a Federal dumping ground for those unfortunate people escaping conditions so wretched one can only pray they are not permanently damaged by the horror they witnessed.

    How big is the problem?

    A GAO report discusses resettlement and how involving the host community is probably a good idea, following a Congressional investigation:

    Is this a new political Nerf-ball?

    Resettlement in Georgia has gone from 1,442 in 2006 to 2,635 in 2013, while total US admission has dropped from over 120,00o in 1990 to less than 60,0000 in 2011.

    Hope these two knuckle-heads retreat into the safety of their small friend group and leave running the Free World to the adults in the room.

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