Morning Reads for Friday, October 17, 2014

Republican Governors Association Chair (and New Jersey Governor) Chris Christie was is Roswell last night to support Nathan Deal.  Mayor Jere Wood gave the first lady a ride to downtown Roswell.  Photo: Jon Richards
Republican Governors Association Chair (and New Jersey Governor) Chris Christie was is Roswell last night to support Nathan Deal. Mayor Jere Wood gave the first lady a ride to downtown Roswell.
Walter Jones with Morris news has the deets on Christie’s visit. Photo: Jon Richards

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– Michelle Nunn going somewhere where she probably shouldn’t go. Pass the popcorn.
– Wonder if Nunn told her volunteers to leave the Obama shirts at home, as well.
– 21, so far. The number of lawsuits against Home Depot for the data breach.
– Did the CDC get their script from the Keystone Kops?
– Georgia likes its Voter ID law. Arkansas doesn’t.
– This unique “opportunity” awaits in Savannah.

The CDC recommended back in 2008 to add at least 18 disease detection centers? We are in the best of hands.
Whiny babies, the lot of them.
– #mediafail. Please won’t somebody cover the stuff that matters?
– Like we really put a lot of stock in polls around here.
Why, of course not, you silly thing.
Senate Slambook

Random Everywhere:
– One of the “perks” for working for Facebook or Apple, or something.
Who needs a pilot?
– How to divorce-proof your marriage, if you believe the statisticians.
– Like your expensive phone? Here’s one that’s even more expensive-er. #overcompensating



  1. Michael Silver says:

    Can we ask to switch the photo to the fun photo of Mrs. Deal?

    Its almost the weekend and we need some happiness. I hate going into the weekend looking at Gov. Christie.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Isn’t it weird to have to ask a candidate who they voted for to get a clue on what they might do if elected ? Do the Democrats have candidates that are NOT going to support their platform ?

  3. Ellynn says:

    Let’s just say the level of people watching in the areas of filming around Savannah’s historic district have been very enjoyable the past few weeks…

  4. Jon Lester says:

    I had other reasons not to vote for Nunn, but I also don’t hide that I voted for Obama twice, just because he had terrible opponents, and I do believe the sorry state of current events would not be any better under McCain or Romney. I get that the tracker guy was beyond boisterous, but otherwise, why can’t Nunn confirm what everyone knows already, with no elaboration needed?

  5. gcp says:

    Saw another Nunn ad where she again talks about her association with George HW Bush. She talks more about Bush than Obama so is she running as a Bush Democrat or what?

    • benevolus says:

      And to me, this is the biggest difference between the two: Nunn is positioning herself to be able to work with anyone. Perdue says he “will not fit in” in D.C. So it sounds to me like the difference between more obstructionism or a glimmer of possible progress.

      • gcp says:

        I think the difference is more about a candidate that wants a little more government as opposed to a candidate that wants a little less government no matter what Nunn’s silly commercial implies.

        • benevolus says:

          When you say “more government” I assume you mean “more money”. You do realize she ran a non-profit org for a long time? As opposed to her opponent, whose job was to… increase profits, increase sales, or shut it down. Which is more like a government?

          • gcp says:

            Her “nonprofit” pays no income tax, so it would be closer to a government agency than is a private business which pays taxes.

            Strangely she did lay off employees while running her nonprofit. Also POL is rated two out of four stars by Charity Navigator which is not a very good rating. And much of what POL did was to just funnel money to other agencies.

            But she did quite well; her salary fluctuated between 200 and 300,000. Not bad for running an organization that pays no taxes.

            • Dave Bearse says:

              Except that many private businesses don’t pay income taxes either.

              How many tens of millions did Jack Welch collect during the years that GE paid no income taxes, and how much of that was paid him because GE paid no income taxes?

              • gcp says:

                Some large companies take a credit for foreign taxes paid much as any taxpayer can take a foreign tax credit for foreign taxes paid ( 1040 line 47).

                All nonprofits pay no income taxes whether its Pts of Light, Tea Party Patriots, Atl. Chamber of Commerce and all pay very high salaries to their leaders.

  6. Will Durant says:

    Shades of J. Edgar, followed by The Patriot Act, but both preceded by the 4th Amendment:

    “Apple’s new encryption [issued with the iphone 6] has prompted a breathtaking and erroneous scare campaign led by Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey. In a speech at the Brookings Institute this week, Comey went so far as to claim that Apple’s new system risks creating an environment in which the United States is “no longer a country governed by the rule of law.”

    This is absurd. The only actions that have undermined the rule of law are the government’s deceptive and secret mass surveillance programs. In the absence of any changes in the law to better protect Americans’ privacy, technology companies are responding to the demands of their customers and improving many security and privacy policies.”

    • Dave Bearse says:

      They’re all for the free market and running government like a free market business, except when they’re not.

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