Appalling. Disgraceful. Just Plain Wrong.

Those were some the adjectives that state Rep. Scott Holcomb (D-DeKalb) used on Thursday, reacting to the news that a disgraced former DeKalb commissioner will receive her full – that’s right, full – pension.

On Newsradio 106.7, Holcomb said “it’s just plain wrong” that Elaine Boyer will receive her full county pension after she’s pled guilty to several felonies involving fraud and misuse of taxpayer funds.

“There aren’t many things we agree on in election season, but when an elected official, who claims to be a fiscal conservative, misuses taxpayer money for personal gain and then receives her full pension … We can all agree that’s just ridiculous.”

The AJC reports says Georgia law reduces pensions when a public official or employee is convicted of a crime. But DeKalb pension officials have reportedly found a loophole that allows Boyer to collect her full pension.

Holcomb said he’d be happy to introduce or co-sponsor a bill in next year’s General Assembly to close such loopholes.


    • Will Durant says:

      IANAL, but you can’t go back in time with laws, especially with pension plans, unless you go bankrupt…

      • Daniel N. Adams says:

        IANAL either, but a rule or law that simply states “If convicted of a felony associated with the job…. result in loss of pension. ” Who/What type of person would have insisted on a grandfather clause in such a case? (Semi – rhetorical).

  1. NoTeabagging says:

    It ain’t over, as the article states, “She still may have to give up some portion of her pension payments. Federal prosecutors could seek to garnish them as part of a court-ordered restitution plan. Her sentencing is scheduled Dec. 3, and she faces about one to two years in prison.”
    Can they? Will they?

  2. George Chidi says:

    Fun fact: Fran Millar is chairman of the Georgia Senate Retirement Committee.

    DeKalb also has a member on the House Retirement Committee — my rep, Earnest “Coach” Williams. The district has a very small overlap with Boyer’s district.

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