GA-12 Debate Livestream Tonight

The Statesboro Herald will be holding a GA-12 Congressional debate tonight at 7:00 p.m. at Ogeechee Technical College in Statesboro.  The debate will feature Democratic incumbent Rep. John Barrow and Republican challenger Rick Allen.

According to yesterday’s edition of the Statesboro Herald, the debate will be live-streamed on the following sites:

In the area of campaign finances, the FEC website shows that Barrow heads into the debate with a financial lead.  The following financial information for the two candidates is as of September 30, 2014:

  • Rep. John Barrow – $1,501,399 cash on hand with $0 debt – For the election cycle through September 30, Barrow has received a total of $3,051,799 in contributions, with $1,125,609 coming from individuals.
  • Rick Allen – $118,238 cash on hand with $1 million debt – For the election cycle through September 30, Allen has received a total of $1,727,769 in contributions, with $902,978 coming from individuals.

Rick Allen heads into the debate after picking up the endorsement of the editorial staff of The Augusta Chronicle on Sunday.  In their support of Allen, they stated:

In contrast, voters this election have the chance to vote for someone who really does resemble the district – in his life story, his authenticity, his work ethic, his values and his deeply held views on the issues of the day.  Rick Allen, in short, is the real deal.

Mr. Barrow also is swimming upstream as a member of the minority party in Congress.  Why would District 12 voters want to stick with a representative who has to go out of his way to appear to sincerely represent them – and who must do so not only against the currents of the conservative majority party, but also against the grain of his own?

It’s just crippling themselves and their interests, to no good end.

Americans say they’re tired of self-serving, duplicitous, forever-politicians in Washington. Well, when you have the chance to change that, what do you do? You vote for someone like Rick Allen.

Representing the 12th District won’t just be second-nature to Rick Allen. It will be his first.

Disclaimer:  I am the Bulloch County Republican Chair.  I am also the only current PP writer in GA-12.  All information provided in this posting is available to the public and has been compiled for our readers as information only.


  1. FTSmithers says:

    thanks for posting the links to the debate on here. Any idea what the debate format will be? thelast one was pretty audience heavy…

    • Lawton Sack says:

      When it comes to the audience, it should not be anything like the Perry debates. Other than that, it will be the typical debate with a moderator, an opening statement, a couple of minutes to answer the question by the moderator, and then a closing statement.

  2. ricstewart says:

    I’m in the audience. I notice a big difference in the applause for the candidates: Rick Allen gets applause immediately after his remarks; Barrow’s supporters forget to clap, and then one lady starts applauding after a few seconds of silence.

    Barrow has his faux folksy Southern accent turned up to 8 tonight.

    Rick Allen still hasn’t given me a compelling reason to vote for him.

  3. Al Gray says:

    Yawn, the Augusta Scamical was always going to endorse Billy Morris’ favorite contractor, a guy who delivered TWO state-of-the art commercial kitchens for Morris’ Marriott Hotel complex for the price of none courtesy of Augusta taxpayers.

    Please elect RICK, 12th District, so the fireworks for 2016 can start before Thanksgiving.

    Rick Allen will be another of those gifts that keep on giving for the Republican Party.

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