Tricia Pridemore Reflects on Mack Burgess

Mack Burgess, who lost his life yesterday in a traffic accident on Georgia 400, worked as the manager of Tricia Pridemore’s campaign to replace Phil Gingrey in the 11th District House Race.

Tricia issued this statement on Facebook tonight. If you were a friend of Mack, I hope you will join Tricia either Thursday evening or Friday afternoon to help celebrate a life taken too soon.

Mack Burgess.  Photo: credit:  Tricia Pridemore
Mack Burgess. Photo: Tricia Pridemore
Yesterday, I lost a friend, advisor and sidekick who was “adopted family” to Mike and me. Mack Burgess was a constant part of our lives these last two years. He spoke for me, wrote for me, and was a fixture of my life during the campaign and supported me this summer through the loss of my Dad. More importantly, Mack loved his Mom and Dad with everything he had. He treated honest people with respect, was proud of his country, strived to make a difference, played a wicked-good guitar and respected the God who made him. In Mack’s short 25 years, he made many people better and Mike and I are grateful that we are two of them.

This picture was taken early morning May 20, 2014. Mack and I stood on alternate street corners and waived signs Election Day. I took this picture after realizing he had a phone-full of pictures of me, and I didn’t have one of him. Campaigning was natural for Mack. With an election just two weeks away, me and many of his other friends are gathering tomorrow night in Mack’s hometown at 5:45 pm at Roswell City Hall for Governor Deal’s event with Governor Chris Christie. Please join us.

To celebrate Mack’s life and pay respects to his family, please join me this Friday at 12 noon at St. Brigid’s Catholic Church in Johns Creek, Georgia.

May God comfort and heal our broken hearts. Psalm 147:3