Morning Reads After the Storm

Hope everyone is OK after yesterday.

T-Bone Walker “Stormy Monday”

  1. Georgia overpaid WIC vendors by some $115 million.
  2. $100 million here, $100 million there; pretty soon you’re talking #realmoney.
  3. You can’t even slide a piece of paper between the “stances” of Nunn and Perdue. 
  4. Foreclosures down a whopping 47%. That’s probably a good sign. 
  5. Georgia cops confuse okra for pot. 
  6. Aww, rats. Atlanta becoming a haven for wildlife of a sort. 
  7. Atlantans will soon have access to gigabit internet from AT&T. 
  8. Gulfstream adding to new lines of private jets. 
  9. The South is the worst place to live in the U.S. according to charts. 
  10. I think Bocephus has already sung how I feel about that…
  11. Clay Co. looking for new COO.
  12. What is the only school in Georgia to have a TE on the John Mackey Award watch list? Georgia State is it. #TheBest
  13. Add him to the Heisman watchlist, too!

UPDATE!!!  I forgot to mention the new Atlanta 50 list! Bacchanalia still is Atlanta’s best. Interestingly, still none of my loyal fans have offered to treat me to a meal there… 



  1. Will Durant says:

    Could one of the lawyers explain how the courts don’t find the flyovers of backyards looking for pot to be legal?

      • Will Durant says:

        A backyard garden constitutes and “open field”? Flying helicopters around peering in backyards offends both my libertarian and fiscal conservative leanings. With the much cheaper drone technology encroaching it seems even more important to preserve our civil liberties. I don’t grow pot but feel strongly that I should have a reasonable expectation of privacy behind my backyard privacy fence.

  2. Jon Lester says:

    We know the WaPo editors view their readers with contempt, but this chart-based story is especially dumbed-down. Quality of life varies wildly in Georgia and even within individual cities, and that’s true for other states, as well. I’m actually expecting to spend this winter and beyond in Missoula, Montana, for my own reasons; it’s a great place, but there other parts of Montana where you really wouldn’t want to live, if you don’t want to be surrounded by Christian Identity believers.

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