Chris Tours With Nathan While Jimmy Leads Chattanooga Invasion For Jason

Georgia has become more of a focal point for national politics this year. Both Senators John McCain and Rand Paul will be visiting to stump for GOP nominee David Perdue, and the Republican Governor’s Association has released the schedule of it’s chairman, Governor Chris Christie. Governor Christie’s schedule includes some stumping for our own Governor Nathan Deal on Thursday:

4:50PM: RGA Chairman Chris Christie and Governor Nathan Deal attend a tour at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA.

Press: OPEN

6:05PM: RGA Chairman Chris Christie and Governor Nathan Deal attend a walking tour of the Roswell Square in Roswell, GA.

Press: OPEN

Then, on Saturday, former Georgia Governor and US President Jimmy Carter will be stumping for his grandson at a fund raiser in….Chattanooga, Tennessee. After which, he will be joining the Hamilton County Democratic Party for their 40th annual Kefauver Dinner on Saturday night.

Perhaps President Carter is priming the pump for his grandson on negotiating to take back our water.


  1. gcp says:

    Christie is an interesting character that is not well known outside the northeast. He works small groups quite well unlike Hillary Clinton who seems uncomfortable around normal folks. A Ga. visit likely helps Christie much more than it helps Deal.

    Note to Ga. Republicans; don’t ignore Christie.

  2. Cowabunga says:

    This ought to be good. Two ethically challenged governors, one who gets mouthy with teachers and the other calls some women “ghetto grandmothers” and watches with a grin as a woman gets man handled at one of his events. … yeah, this well be interesting.

    Wonder if they’re going to have the reception at Golden Corral or Krispy Kreme?

  3. So you have two senators from different parts of the United States, who are elected to represent their state in Federal matters. Are they here to talk about how GA and KY/AZ can work together to better each other?

    No, they are here to rally another body for the GOP. Think about this for a moment. It seems one more time things are about “We the Party” instead of “We the People”.

    Who pays for this clown car junket? The GOP or the taxpayer?

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