CBS46 Tries To Find The “Missing” 48,000 Voter Registration Forms

The New Georgia Project and others sued Secretary of State Brian Kemp last week alleging 47,867 voter registration applications they submitted cannot be found. CBS46 called the elections offices in the five counties in question and here is what they found:

CBS46 News

And this from the article on CBS46’s website:

After a paper application is turned in, the county has to input the applications information to the system. The system will then attempt to verify the information and approve the registration. If approved the voter is added to the voter list.

If an application cannot be verified, or if it cannot be input into the system for verification due to an error or missing information, it is placed on the pending list and a letter is supposed to be sent to the applicant at the address on the application.

That puts the applicant on a 40-day clock. If they do not respond to the letter in that window, the application is discarded and the name pulled from the pending list.

This is where the problems begin; according to DeKalb County they have discarded roughly 1,700 applications in this manner.

Even if all 1,700 applications were from people approached by the New Georgia Project during their registration drive, there is still nearly 6,000 missing applications.

Either DeKalb County has misplaced the applications, or the New Georgia Project’s claims are not accurate.

So what’s going on here?


  1. benevolus says:

    Well the first and most obvious thing:
    My understanding is that all applications are to be turned in to the SoS first for initial processing. Hopefully they have a record of how many they received and how many they sent to each county.

    Whether the NGP apps can be segregated from these numbers I don’t know.

    • South Fulton Guy says:

      The Secretary of State does not do any initial data entry processing. All the do is date stamp the application, stamp the site code (source mail in, library et cetera), sort by county and send to the counties.

  2. NoTeabagging says:

    This really is a Not so BFD. Until enough verifiable, newly registered voters among the missing applications shows up to vote, and can’t, it means nothing. Just wait and see if anyone steps up and claims to be one of the 47,ooo+ missing.

  3. zedsmith says:

    Pretty sure they just cast provisional ballots, and then party lawyers fight it out ballot by ballot if the election is close after the first count.

    Its not a big deal unless its part of a pattern of disenfranchisement and vote suppression— just like its not a big deal if new georgia’s registration efforts yield some fraudulent registrations. Unless there’s a systematic effort to fraudulently manipulate the outcome of an election, it’s not something the system isn’t designed to handle.

    • benevolus says:

      Right, but there are only 3 days after the election in which the voter can be verified. But if the registration form is missing, misplaced, shredded, or teleported, there is no recourse. That is why it is important to have figured this out right away, so that potential voters can determine whether they are eligible and re-apply if not. Also the purpose of the lawsuit I suspect- so that a remedy can be devised if a problem is discovered.

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