Morning Reads: 13 October 2014

23 days until election day and early voting starts today. Go out and vote, vote early, and hopefully we will not have to deal with a runoff. No one wants that. Here’s what else happened over the weekend.

::UPDATE:: I had the same  link twice, it has been fixed. ::UPDATE::


First transgender student elected to homecoming court, brings light to policy that needs to be created.
Governor Deal  went up to Cobb to talk about Ebola, Immigration, and Common Core.
Jimmy’s back on the campaign trail.
There’s now a lawsuit over those voter registration delays, oh and the story has made it out of Georgia.
Everything you need to know to vote early.


UL Monroe vs. Kentucky, 14-48
UGA vs. Mizzou, 34-0
Auburn vs. Miss St., 23-38
Chattanooga vs. Tennessee, 10-45
Alabama vs. Arkansas, 14-13
LSU vs. Florida, 30-27
Charleston Southern vs. Vandy, 20-21
Ole Miss vs. Texas A&M, 35-20

National International

#MoarEbola in the US.
Well that’s a detail of the Boston Bomber that hasn’t been talked about much.
Chicago airspace will be getting back to normal soon.
This decision should help combat terrorism at their wallet.
You know, those Kurds just want autonomy and they don’t really put up well with anyone trying to take that away.


  1. Ed says:

    Another week, another period of unwarranted SEC love.

    Garbage teams in the SEC:

    All in the SEC East except Georgia

    Teams that are playing like garbage recently and are generally not very good:


    Teams that are yet to have a strong showing against a quality team:


    So top-to-bottom you have three excellent teams, one loaded with talent that isn’t playing well and a decent Georgia squad whose only real test will be against Auburn, and a bunch of teams that are meh to awful.

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