WWE and Governor Nathan “Gainesville Gator” Deal To Host “Tribute to the Troops” in Columbus

On December 9th, military personal and their families will enjoy “TV’s most patriotic and heartwarming show of the year” at the Columbus Civic Center. Vince McMahon and Governor Deal have announced the 12th annual “Tribute to the Troops” to benefit the 120,000 soldiers and Department of Defense-employees stationed in Fort Benning, the Home of the Infantry. On December 10th, “WWE Superstars and Divas” will spend the day at Fort Benning, meeting and thanking those who protect them.

“We appreciate the long-time support WWE has offered our troops,” said COL Michail Huerter, Fort Benning Garrison Commander. “Tribute to the Troops is a unique opportunity for our Soldiers and their families to come out and enjoy a show that thanks them for their service.”

This year’s “Tribute to the Troops” will be held in conjunction with a production of “WWE Smackdown” for the first time in the program’s history.

Craven political notes, for those who go in for that sort of thing: the December 9th event will be squarely in run-off season, should there be one. Vince McMahon is a longtime Republican (his daughter wife was nominated twice for a Senate seat by the GOP in Connecticut) and likely a relationship Georgia Republicans are glad to foster.

Of course, the election could be over tomorrow if Governor Deal jumped in the ring and gave one good “woo!


  1. Ah the old win/win/everyone wins except the suckers mutually self-serving-by-using-“the troops”-or “The children” slight of hand trick.

    Commander gets violent entertainment for his testosterone juiced troops. McMahon gets $$ because, you know, FREE MARKET™, and Deal gets a warm and fuzzy vasoline rimmed backdrop for his “image”.

    Interesting the commander, the promoter and the governor all share the same skin color.

    Here is the message I’m getting: Deal is using violence and violent people to sell a political image. Just doesn’t seem right to me.

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