Groups Sue Over Unprocessed Voter Registrations

Groups siding with the New Georgia Project, which says it has obtained voter registration forms for more than 86,000 new voters, filed a lawsuit against Secretary of State Brian Kemp and five Georgia counties over some 40,000 forms which it says haven’t been processed and don’t show up in a list of people who are waiting processing.

The suit was filed Friday afternoon in Fulton County Superior Court. Politico quotes New Georgia Project leader Stacey Abrams as saying,

“We hoped litigation would not be necessary, but with early voting beginning next week, eligible Georgians are dangerously close to not being allowed to vote in this election,” said state Rep. Stacey Abrams, founder of Third Sector Development, NGP’s parent group. “All eligible registrants should be processed immediately; provisional voting is not an acceptable option,”

The Secretary of State’s office claims it is following the law. In previous statements, Secretary of State Brian Kemp has said that all of the applications have been delivered to the appropriate counties for processing.

Advance In Person voting starts on Monday, and continues through Halloween.


  1. benevolus says:

    Whew! good! Saw this “problem” earlier today and was hoping someone would pursue this legally. US Justice Dept needs to take a look.

    • georgiahack says:

      No, the Dems are not. In no reality would a contested election help the Democratic candidates. Their only real way to win either of the big two is without a runoff. Every second we go past election day, whether in a runoff or in court, is one step further away from victory.

      Also, a strategy to set the stage to contest an election is a stupid one. I can only recall one Georgia election in the past decade to be contested and redone (Last year in Macon-Bibb because of badly drawn district lines). You are more likely to hit the MegaMillions jackpot then to have a case where a statewide race is successfully contested. Stop being a tool.

      • Harry says:

        Well yeah, a close election with a blurred outcome such as Bush-Gore 2000 is perhaps a more likely scenario, and we can surmise a few Fulton precincts will be a couple days late getting the votes counted etc. But don’t you think with control of the Senate riding on the outcome, that another possibility happens that those supposedly unaccounted for 40,000 registrations constitute a cause of action using the handy 14th Amendment? Admittedly I’m a tool so give me free legal advice here as to how this could never ever happen.

      • godsgift says:

        so i guess the dem forced him not to put those registration in the what stupidity you have.HE did not process the registration and it is somehow the dem plot?really?it is up to 52k by the way so i guess he has NOT processed them still.but i am sure you believe it is still a dem plot.

  2. Will Durant says:

    By being a tool of the Perdue campaign and gumming up the works SoS Kemp could cause a quagmire of provisional ballots to gum up the works. Do your job Mr. Secretary, get on the counties to process the applications instead of acting as proxies in your witch hunt. Process the good, reject the bad, investigate the fraud for sure. However the statute of limitations on the fraud has far longer to run than the urgency of processing the legitimate applications. Perdue’s people have missed their opportunity for connecting voter fraud to one of the proposals in Nunn’s playbook at this point. Get on with it.

  3. FranInAtlanta says:

    All registrations are currently in the hands of the counties. Many have been for some time. Guess the leaning of the counties with the overwhelming majority of these not yet registered voters.

    • godsgift says:

      funny the state processes them.the enter them in a state system.but hey if you want to buy the crap go for it.

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