Dooley: Senate Race May Not Go Into a Runoff

Here in Georgia, we’ve been talking about the possibility of a runoff in at least one of the two marquee races since at least July. With early voting starting on Monday and recent poll results continuing to show a tight contest between Democrat Michelle Nunn and Repubican David Perdue, along with consistent support for Libertarian Amanda Swafford in the 4-5% range, the national media is paying more attention to the idea.

The latest is the Washington Examiner‘s Betsy Woodruff, who this morning contemplates a possible nightmare scenario, especially if Georgia’s race will decide control of the Senate.

One Georgian quoted in the story isn’t sure Swafford is going to end up with the number of votes needed to force the race into overtime:

Debbie Dooley, a member of the Tea Party Patriots board of directors, said she thinks enough undecided voters will line up behind Perdue to let him pull off a win without a runoff. Dooley said that while she thinks Swafford is “an excellent candidate,” the national implications of the race will discourage voters from backing the libertarian. And Swafford’s fundraising troubles are her biggest weakness.

“Were that to change, that could change the whole dynamic,” Dooley added.

Dooley also said there is residual bad blood toward Perdue among some grassroots activists because he once belittled Republican primary contender Karen Handel for not having a college degree. Perdue later called Handel to apologize, per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. But Dooley said that not everyone has moved on.

“But none of that is causing the heartburn that Harry Reid is causing,” she added.

Some of the most recent polling in the race shows the gap between Perdue and Nunn tightening. The Public Policy Polling survey was conducted prior to the revelation of a deposition by David Perdue in which he talked about his role in outsourcing jobs for Pillowtex. The SurveyUSA poll out this week was partially conducted over last weekend, which means the Perdue news could have affected the results.

And both polls were taken before Tuesday’s Senate debate in Perry, which provided the Libertarian candidate with the biggest stage so far to define herself to voters.


  1. jh says:

    Why are Nunn’s numbers firming (SurveyUSA, InsiderAdvantage, Rasmussen) while Perdue’s are stagnating? How does that support Dooley’s anecdote?

    • Bobloblaw says:

      Nunns numbers arent firming. Why do people look at only one poll. At RCP the race has been static for quite some time. That said, I expect a runoff.

    • debbie0040 says:

      If the election were held today, it would go to a runoff – but it is not held today. It is being held a little over three weeks out. There will be more focus on the bad policies of Harry Reid and Barack Obama during that time. There will be more focus on Obama’s future executive order on amnesty/illegal immigration. I expect there will be more news stories of Obama’s incompetence , etc.

      If Amanda raises enough money to get her message out then I think things may change and there will be a runoff. I also believe that she will pick up some disgruntled Democrat vote.

  2. John Konop says:

    Is the race really tighten or have the pollsters stop drinking Kool-aid about the demographic changers? As we saw Marc at Landmark was the only one being honest….Unless you are honest about the numbers it is difficult to have a cohesive strategy….for a year or so many if us have been warning about this….Charlie Harper has made the point numerous times the GOP needs to get out of a primary strategy and move to a general election strategy. GOP can be against Affirmative Action but must be against racism….the culture war bs from guys like Phil Kent is an anchor…..We have 33 percent of families that have multi racial relatives…Phil are we at war with them? We have one of the greatest triangle asset network business engine in the world….between Georgia Tech, Emory and CDC…and we have party members pushing anti science BS….We are getting killed by places like Texas, NC….who invest into infrastructure and we have party members who are clueless about transportation… Claim to be constitutional conservatives and have no idea our funding fathers were pro infrastructure….do they think the railroads, airports….just appeared out of nowhere…GOP has a message and policy problem, and it is only time if not this cycle…..GOP is suppose to be a conservative balance to the Democrats….We need that party…

    • Bobloblaw says:

      Mark is the only one show Nunn in the lead, so I don think his is the most accurate.

      The rest of your post in inconsistent. GA GOP is too conservative, too anti-science and loing out to TX. TX???? TX is more conservative than GA.

      • John Konop says:


        You can cherry pick facts and put head in the sand if you want…..The truth is Texas is light years ahead of us on rail and highway system….The term conservative is meaningless now…since it has been perverted for politics….BTW the have a real metro area plan tied to the state…..which helps the economy…not crazy talk about local control on a plan the needs to be coordinated statewide as well as the rest of the world….Do you think we built the railroad system with county by county politics?

        • Baker says:

          “BTW the have a real metro area plan tied to the state…..which helps the economy…not crazy talk about local control on a plan the needs to be coordinated statewide as well as the rest of the world….Do you think we built the railroad system with county by county politics?”

          This and the stadiums are my two biggest peeves of #gapol the past few years. Our great big “tax reform” was really nothing but at least the status quo was maintained and it didn’t get worse.

          The vitriol that came out of the TSPLOST was some of the stupidest, short-sighted stuff I’ve ever heard. I was for it but I’ll give you a pass if you were against because of specific reasons or ill-fated projects contained therein but Where’s the wonderful Plan B we heard so much about? Wth? I thought Debbie was going to take a lead on that?

          • debbie0040 says:

            Baker, I spoke with a lobbyist for the Metro Chamber in September of 2012 and told him that I would be happy to participate in a panel coming up with a plan we all can agree on. I never heard back from him nor the Metro chamber. Charlie Harper reached out this year and I gave my input. I have also been pushing several years for allowing the county governments to decide which county/counties they wanted to partner with for their transportation needs and mini TSPLOSTs.

            I can’t force people/groups to accept my suggestions or to follow through on creating a panel in 2012/2013 to find common ground to move forward on transportation.

            • John Konop says:

              ……I have also been pushing several years for allowing the county governments to decide which county/counties they wanted to partner with for their transportation needs and mini TSPLOSTs…..

              In all due respect, we are friends….if we followed this logic our country would not have a rail, road, highway…..system.

        • Bobloblaw says:

          Cherry picking??? The entire liberal caucus here at Peachpundit has been cherry picking in order to bend and twist every poll to make it look like Nunn and Carter are ahead.

          • John Konop says:

            LOL…call me what you want….but many would have a hard time not seeing I am a fiscal conservative….spin it any way you want….but at the end of the day it does not change the trend….the biggest laugh is you went after Mark at Landmark for telling what is now excepted as the truth trend in polling….the real issue is not who wins or not….the real issue is the tend….you can drive your pickup and waive a confederate flag all day…but it does not change the trend….

  3. seekingtounderstand says:

    Why doesn’t Perdue attack with the Democrat record of outsourcing jobs and damaging the environment? He stated how M.Nunn will have to do as Harry Reid asks or she will get nothing for Georgia.
    After being at the Perry debate, he could use some counter points.
    Also most of the unwashed I talked to leaving the Perry convention center liked the libertarians because they seemed human and even with mistakes (Erick Erickson pointed out) their tone appealed to both sides.

      • Bobloblaw says:

        youve said that before. With a well below 50% approval rating, there is no basis for what youre saying. Obama wouldnt carry GA today.

  4. Three Jack says:

    Dooley has a better chance of predicting tonight’s lottery numbers than any political race. Why is this news?

  5. Romegaguy says:

    I learned two things from this posting:
    1) Washington Examiner isnt a serious journalistic endeavor
    2) Since Debbie says otherwise, the election for US Senate and Governor will definitely be heading to a runoff

    • debbie0040 says:

      I said I believed the Senate race wasn’t headed to a runoff. I never mentioned the Governor’s race. I think it will because it isn’t nationalized like the Senate race is. Georgia’s governor won’t help Reid stay in power

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