Comparing College Rankings

Here at Peach Pundit, we have contributors with many varying academic allegiances. UGA is well represented, but we have contributors who are proud alumni of Georgia Tech, Georgia Southern and Georgia State. Eric the Younger is a lonely voice for the Gamecocks the second week of each football season, and Intern Will has been known to shout an occasional “Gig ‘Em” each fall.

Being a Yankee import and a graduate of a small liberal arts college, the fascination with football down south amazes me. Week eight should be interesting, with 12th rated Georgia hoping to improve on its 4-1 record playing Mizzou (but without one of its star players), while undefeated and 22nd ranked Tech takes on the Duke Blue Devils.

But this post isn’t about football rankings. It’s about the number one school in the southeast, the fifth best school in the United States, and the 27th best in the world.

That would be the Georgia Institute of Technology, which took these honors in the annual 2014-2015 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The University sometimes known as the North Avenue Trade School also ranks number 11 worldwide among institutions focusing on engineering and technology.

Congratulations to Georgia Tech and condolences to the University of Georgia. Feel free to discuss what all this means, along with anything else on your mind, because this is your Weekend Open Thread.


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