Perdue 46/Nunn 45; Deal 46/Carter 44 — New 11Alive Poll

We’ve got a new poll out that shows our top-of-the-ticket races are statistically tied.

David Perdue leads Michelle Nunn by one point, 46% to 45% and Governor Deal is up by a whopping two percentage points over Jason Carter, 46% to 44%.

Republicans look safe in down-ballot races except for State School Superintendent. Richard Woods (R) leads Valerie Wilson (D) 46% to 42%

This paints a different picture from the PPP poll and, don’t forget, those surveyed might not accurately reflect Georgia’s demographics. 


  1. jh says:

    I think PPP’s 28% black estimate is reasonable. Their crosstabs were bizarre though, low white % for Carter/Nunn, and high black vote for Deal (15%).

    It’s been noted the PPP poll was extremely extensive with a ton of random questions about stuff like Paula Deen.

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