Nunn vs. Perdue vs. Swafford

I put together a Storify from last night’s U.S. Senate debate. It includes selected tweets from observers of the event and a few from paid political types. Watching the live stream was interesting. The crowd was loud and raucous. It didn’t inhibit one’s ability to hear the questions and answers but the candidates seemed like they were shouting. I know some folks were put off by the crowd but I’m actually glad to see some passion on display about Georgia politics. We can make the next debate all dignified and stodgy. It’s fun to have a loud, noisy wrestling match every now and again.

The Storify is below the fold.


      • John Konop says:


        1) Jim Bean Cheap but it gets the job done

        2) Jack Daniels over priced but looks cool

        3) Elijah Craig 21-Year-Old Single Barrel but hey who can afford it?

        4) Jefferson’s Presidential Select 21 Year Old see above

        5) Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit old friend

        6) Other

        • Jon Lester says:

          Thanks for yours, too. Generally, I only have liquor if someone offers to buy me a shot at the bar (usually Jameson’s), but sometimes I like to have a half pint of Jack in the freezer to hit every few beers.

          I did once find myself penniless and with only an old cigar and short bottles of liquor my roommate had brought back from tour, and I found that those guys who have a cigar with a stiff drink in the early evening are onto something, and it’s really not any less economical than beer and cigarettes. I may have to try refining myself over the fall and winter.

  1. John Konop says:

    It would be interesting to have a round table of the PP posters about the candidates….In a nice bar ( or not so nice and cheap) with drinks :)…but this could be a very interesting event with live questions as well….just my 10 cents…

    • David C says:

      Perdue wants to say “Why didn’t we do anything in Syria a year ago?” while at the same time he didn’t want to do anything in Syria a year ago. Funny how he thinks “things have changed” is a good enough excuse for Purdue but not for POTUS.

      • Jon Lester says:

        Well, I’ll just say it again, more Americans need to know that whatever else may be true of Assad’s Ba’ath regime, the Iranian government and even Hezbollah, those parties have a much better record of protecting Christians and other minorities than any of the Sunni states and organizations in conflict with them. It’s a disgrace that Joe Biden had to apologize to both Saudi Arabia and Turkey for accidentally telling the truth about their ulterior motives.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Best of the bunch, nearly LOL: “Amanda Swafford is included in #GASEN debate. She doesn’t like it when you say shes running for Governor, a race she’s equally likely to win”

  3. Joseph says:

    I still do not understand folks that are complaining about the crowd… The raucous crowd is the pride and joy of the Perry debate – it’s the whole point! I get not agreeing with the concept in principle, but don’t act surprised, that’s how the debate is sold – a cattle call (irony – it being at the State Fair).

    And for the TV folks to attempt to quiet the audience – they must have missed the memo, too.

    My quick synopsis on Perry:
    Overall – turnout proved the Republicans are highly organized and motivated (something that’s been missing for years)
    Perdue / Nunn – Didn’t sway much, keeps things close
    Deal / Carter – The Governor hit a homerun

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