Morning Reads — One Month Until the Big Day

We’re a mere four weeks away from the big day.

“Stove/Smother” from Sloan. 

  1. State’s witness changes testimony in APS trail; case becoming a circus.
  2. New York Times Editorial Board says “no comment needed” for Perdue outsourcing comments. 
  3. Deal would appoint similar judges as he already has, Carter would look for diversity. 
  4. Atlanta and Georgia among most generous areas. 
  5. This is how a municipality should handle discussions about new stadia. 
  6. Bold prediction: straight white dudes won’t count as diversity. 
  7. Cobb judge explained if the Antichrist was human in murder trial decision.
  8. Let’s see… I’m human, ipso facto: yes.
  9. WaPo talks ASO fiasco as federal mediator begins talks. 
  10. Explore Savannah’s often overlooked African-American history.
  11. Emory acquires Flannery O’Connor archives.
  12. GSU gets $7.5 million grant from feds. 
  13. Atlanta’s best pizza will be sticking around. 


  1. blakeage80 says:

    Savannah isn’t exactly a baseball town. Let them go to Columbia as they aren’t worth a new stadium. Then use the money you saved to spruce up river street or something. When I lived there, I think I went to only one Gnats games. Its single A baseball at its worst. At the time, I paid 7.50 to sit in that dump they try to church up by calling it historic. I think it was me and about 100 other people watching the visiting Rome Braves.

    • Ellynn says:

      You didn’t go on Thursday did you? I was there twice this year, once in the historic area and once in the right field party zone. The event I was at for the party zone had at least 100 people alone.

      The issue at hand is will the city be stronged arm into building the thing, and if so where? The site in question has millions of taxpayer funds already under ground for water, sewer, power, and road base. The already have work the have to do for the president street connector in the area.

      I say pick a different site. (the city owns lot at the end of Liberty going into Wheaton that had the village demolished in 2009. The lease on the housing between that site in the historic district expires in less then five years.

    • Jon Lester says:

      If the Gnats owners already have a stadium under construction in Columbia, then maybe Savannah should just let another farm team move into Grayson Field and help with whatever renovations they want. It’s not like Savannah has millions of surplus dollars that aren’t needed for anything else.

      • drjay says:

        even though savannah actually has quite a storied history of minor league ball that goes back over a century, there have been stretches where no minor league team was based here. if they leave i’m sure another team will find it’s way here, or not. it doesn’t seem like the city’s officials or residents are clamoring to save the sand gnats…so it may not really matter…

    • xdog says:

      Minor league ball has the same problems as college ball, too many walks and too many errors. It’s still fun.

  2. SavannahLobber says:

    “Its single A baseball at its worst.”

    Last 5 years:

    2010 75 64 Southern Lost in Semi-Finals
    2011 79 60 Southern Lost League Finals[3]
    2012 69 67 Southern Did Not Qualify
    2013 77 61 Southern League Champions
    2014 85 51 Southern Lost in Semi-Finals

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