Greetings from the Classic City

Hey y’all. As crazy as it may be, those in charge have decided to let another new intern on to the team, and I’m excited to have the privilege of joining them.

My name is Alex Rowell, and I was born and raised down in Valdosta, Georgia. Politics has always been in my blood – when I was growing up, my family’s Sunday dinners would often turn into something of a live-action reenactment of a Peach Pundit comments page.

I’ve since migrated up to Athens, where I’m in my senior year studying Economics and International Affairs at the University of Georgia. Luckily, I’m currently taking classes from the greats legally required to be quoted in any Georgia politics news article: Drs. Charles Bullock and Keith Poole. On campus, I’m working as president of the UGA Young Democrats with an incredible group of fellow students to turn this state blue. When I’m not politicking, you can find me at shows at the Georgia Theatre and 40 Watt or cheering on the Dawgs on Saturdays in the fall.

It’s an honor to be able to intern for this site, and I look forward to learning from and discussing and debating with such a great crowd of editors, writers, and readers.


    • Will Durant says:

      Nah, there are enough commenters sitting astride the starboard outrigger to keep the balance.

      Welcome aboard Alex.

  1. blakeage80 says:

    Hi neighbor! I’m sorry to hear your family dinners consisted of lots of misspellings, needless capitalization in order to simulate ‘hollering’ at others, and ……… because people know of no other way to properly transition thoughts. Congrats on scoring an internship with this site!

  2. xdog says:

    Hello and welcome.

    A sw Georgia viewpoint will fit in well here although it’s a shame your parents couldn’t have arranged to have you grow up farther west out US 84.

  3. Trey A. says:

    Welcome! And correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that everyone from down your way was required to distinguish themselves as “Valdosta High” or Lowndes County” upon introducing themselves…

  4. Dr. Monica Henson says:

    Hey there, Alex! This old Blue Dog (and former president of the College Democrats/editor-in-chief of the college newspaper back in the day at Western Carolina University, way before these newfangled blogs got started) sure is glad to see you. I enjoy Will Kremer’s work very much, and it’s great to see his counterpart joining PP.

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