Gov. Deal Out Raises Carter

The financial report from Gov. Nathan Deal’s campaign appeared late last night on the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission’s website.  The reports shows that the Republican Governor out raised Jason Carter during the third quarter by almost $2 million.

Gov. Deal raised just over $5.02 million dollars this quarter and has over $2.63 million cash on hand. The Governor’s campaign also reports no campaign debt.

Though Deal has about $200,000 less cash on hand than Carter, Gov. Deal appears to be ahead financially going into possibly the final month of the contest.  Brian Robinson, Gov. Deal’s spokesman, stated that the Deal campaign has “settled up on outstanding bills that Carter’s crew hasn’t yet paid.”  The financial reports show that Deal campaign paid over $3.28 million for their campaign media buy in September compared to Carter’s payment of almost $1.27 million for TV ads.

As with most financial reports that the Deal campaign has filed over the last few years, there is chatter about payments made to The Sassafras Group for fundraising.  The Sassafras Group is a fundraising consulting firm owned by Denise Deal, the daughter-in-law of Gov. Deal.  There were over $300,000+ in payments made to the firm for the 3rd quarter.

Libertarian Andrew Hunt raised $15,459.03 during the quarter and had $15,369.33 cash on hand.


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