Ft. Benning Sends Soldiers to Fight Ebola

The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reports that soldiers from Georgia’s Fort Benning will head to West Africa to help combat the recent Ebola outbreak there. According to an official release, the soldiers are members of the 463rd Medical Detachment, 14th Combat Support Hospital.

“Fewer than 10 soldiers” from the 463rd, which is veterinary services, will join the Response Support Force for Operation United Assistance. According to the release, the RSF’s mission is to help the Liberian government contain the virus, establish and synchronize treatment, train health-care workers and establish logistical center to support the effort.

A departure date and the length of deployment has not been determined, according to the release.

While the soldiers will not be interacting directly with Ebola patients, soldiers “will use specialized personal protective equipment” during the course of their deployment.

This is not the first time Georgia has been in the news for its association with the “War on Ebola”. In fact, one could argue that Georgia plays a very crucial role in this noble pursuit. The Emory University Hospital and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has played a very crucial role in the treatment of American patients who have contracted this deadly virus thus far. In addition, President Obama was in town last month to visit the CDC where he was briefed on the status of the CDC’s efforts to combat a potential Ebola outbreak.

No doubt, Georgia is a huge blessing to the United States of America when it comes to the “War on Ebola”. The deployment of Fort Benning soldiers only serves as further testimony of this fact.

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  1. Ellynn says:

    It was also announced yesterday that the 82nd Civil Affairs Battalion out of Ft. Stewart is being deployed. They are connected to U.S. Africa Command and have done many humanitarian and logistical work in the area in the past.

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