Digging Deeper into the Isakson Rollout

Finally putting to rest any rumors of retirement, Sen. Johnny Isakson formally launched his 2016 reelection bid last week.

The rollout, which opts for “Johnny 2016” as a messaging tool, includes a social media makeover on Facebook and Twitter, along with a sleek new website.

With such an early rollout, Isakson appears ready to shield himself from challengers on his right and, to some extent, his left.

Looking to his right, Isakson throws out plenty of red meat to excite his base.

The Senator promises to “Repeal & Replace Obamacare,” “secure the borders [and] avoid amnesty,” and even block “policies that undermine marriage”—a not-so-subtle stand against the string of marriage equality rulings that have knocked down same-sex marriage bans like dominoes in more and more states in recent years.

But if you’re able to get past all the grandstanding, you might find something a bit… odd about the messaging on his website. In the bio section of his website (“Meet Johnny”), he runs through the standard politician’s biography of business and political experience.

And then he says this:

Johnny brings commonsense leadership to Congress through his efforts to address federal spending, reduce the debt, create jobs, and reform burdensome regulations.

Which is not odd by itself. But the press kit available at the bottom of the page includes an almost identical bio… with one exception. It reads:

Johnny brings commonsense leadership to Congress through bipartisan efforts to address federal spending, reduce the debt, create jobs, and reform burdensome regulations.

It’s unclear whether the two versions are intentionally different, but it means that either Johnny still hasn’t decided whether bipartisanship is a dirty word, or he’s purposefully sending two different messages to his partisans and the media.

With Georgia Democrats starting to rebuild after years of disarray and with the prospect of much higher turnout in 2016, Isakson may need all the bipartisan credentials he can get.


  1. This is hardly worth making hay. I know you’re a new writer here, but I would just remind you that this isn’t the DailyKos, where such a small and slight gnashing of semantics is reason for a story.

    I look forward to your continued existence here on PP, but if you could raise the bar juuuust a bit as one of the liberal writers, you’ll quickly gain credibility.

  2. benevolus says:

    Johnny will have been in Congress for 17 years at that point, and in politics since 1974. I’d like to know what all the term limit people here think about that.

  3. saltycracker says:

    Isakson, the “no restrictions” real estate mogul that got first time homebuyers an $8k rebate/handout ?
    He defines bipartisan as telling folks what they want to hear. But then those of us in Georgia have known that for a painfully long time. No news.

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