Cherokee County Commission Chair Candidate Faces Call For Mortgage Fraud Investigation

The drama that is Cherokee County politics never rests.

Carolyn Cosby, candidate for Cherokee County Commission chair, is under fire for some questionable dealings. Conservatives for Ethical Government, a group registered with the state ethics commission as a political action committee, called for an investigation into possible mortgage fraud.

The Cherokee Ledger-News examined open records of Cosby’s financial situation.

According to the documents, Carolyn Cosby and her husband, David Cosby, owned a home in Cherokee County until their 2009 Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The couple purchased 6.42 acres of land in the county in 1999. Initially, the land was purchased with a First Union mortgage for $76,500. The loan was later cancelled in August 2002. In July 2002, a security deed with Bank of America was recorded. That security deed extended the home equity loan for $150,000.

Fast forward to 2006: Bank of America quitclaimed 2.13 acres of land to the Cosbys. On September 12, less than a month after Bank of America quitclaimed the land, the Cosbys quitclaimed the 2.13 acres to their daughter and son-in-law. On the same day, David Cosby took out a construction loan for $856,106 with SunTrust Bank. He listed 6.42 acres of land as collateral. Now, what happened to the 2.13 acres of land quitclaimed to his daughter and son-in-law on the same day as the construction loan?

SunTrust bank cancelled the $856,106 loan on October 12, 2007. A month before, on September 12, 2007, the Cosbys both signed mortgage loan documents for $820,000 with ABN AMRO Mortgage. The collateral for the loan? The 6.42 acres of land. Also on September 12, 2007, the Cosbys signed paperwork for a home equity loan with National City Bank totaling $350,000. The collateral was again the 6.42 acres of land.

The Cosbys filed for bankruptcy on August 31, 2009. The couple listed their 2007 gross income at $16,584.

Bernie Tokarz, a Fulton County resident who chairs the Conservatives for Ethical Government and campaign worker for Senator Brandon Beach, questioned the Cosby’s bankruptcy documents

“If you had an annual income of $16,584; do you think it’s possible that a bank would loan you $1.17 million for a home mortgage?” Tokarz asked at a press conference held Friday, Sept. 12, as he stood surrounded by about 17 local residents.

The Cherokee Ledger-News approached Carolyn Cosby for a comment on the 6.42 acres of land used as collateral after the 2.13 was quitclaimed. Cosby gave a politician answer

“In 2009, with great sadness, we joined the ranks of such big corporations as Wachovia, Lehman Bros, and AIG and filed bankruptcy, only we were not deemed ‘too big to fail’ and did not get a government bailout,” Carolyn Cosby said. “This decision was deemed absolutely necessary.”

“This bankruptcy was not due to mismanagement or irresponsibility.  It followed the Great Recession of 2007,” she said. “I want to assure the families of Cherokee County that our bankruptcy was responsible, legal and carefully reviewed and approved by a federal judge — there is not the slightest impropriety on the part of ourselves, the bank or the courts.”

This is not the first issue legal issue Carolyn Cosby has faced. In a September Cherokee Patch letter to the editor, Cherokee County resident John Konop questioned Cosby’s ability to fulfill her duties as Commission chair after she admitted to soliciting votes through mailboxes without using postage.

Carolyn Cosby, candidate for Cherokee County Commission chair, is demonstrating her contempt for the law and a lack of integrity.

Cosby admits she solicited voters through mailboxes without postage. Her excuse is that other politicians have done it; therefore, she should not have to follow the law.

If businesspeople violated federal postage law, they get prosecuted; end of story. Saying it is OK because our competition “does it” would get a chuckle from the judge and nothing else.

As citizens, we see too many examples of this caviler “the law doesn’t apply to me” attitude among office seekers of both parties.

More importantly, this kind of behavior indicates a lack of integrity that will likely be repeated, in large and small, seen and unseen ways. It is time to put a stop to it. The law applies to all of us, including politicians.

John Konop


There are six open ethics complaints against Cosby –all currently stalled before the ethics commission. Each ethics complaint involves campaign donation and reporting. It is time for Mrs. Cosby to address these matters and offer an explanation to Cherokee County citizens.


  1. Raleigh says:

    That’s nothing, Chip “Will the Winner” Rogers and Tom Graves got a loan for the run down Oglethorpe Inn for 2.2 million. Rogers even said the bank knew he couldn’t pay it back.

    Ahrens is going to win by 70% however my choice is “None of the Above”.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Bizarre candidates exist in every county and this is an extreme example. Cherokee is a Republican stronghold and here we have a couple that controls the local tea party exemplifying fiscal irresponsibility, social agendas and disruptive public behavior.

  3. benevolus says:

    I don’t know anything about the Cosby’s, but I think people should be very cautious about throwing around fraud allegations with skimpy evidence like this.
    1. They bought some land.
    2. Later they got a bigger “home equity” loan. (Is there a house on the land?)
    3. Who cares what happened to the 2.13 acres? What does that have to do with anything?
    4. They got a large construction loan. Construction loans usually work on a draw basis, meaning you don’t get all the money all at once, you get payouts as progress is made. So apparently they planned to build a big/nice building there.
    5. Of course a bank loaned them that much money in 2007. That’s what banks were doing then.

    If they bought some land, planned to build something on it, then sell it, that would be a reasonable investment plan in Cherokee County in 2007.

    • saltycracker says:

      “I don’t know anything about the Cosby’s” but think you know enough about their loan and bankruptcy details to plead their case ?

      • benevolus says:

        Actually, no. But the O.P. did. My point is that there doesn’t look like much evidence of a scandal from the information provided here. Heck, someone could look at yours or my financial history and see something that looks as suspicious as this.

        Maybe you or someone could spell out where they see the potential scandal for the rest of us.

        • John Konop says:

          How was Cosby able to increase the debt on the six-acre property from $76,500 in 1999 to $1.2 million in 2007 with an income of $16,500 (as reported during her 2009 bankruptcy)? Did she, like many borrowers during that time, misrepresent her income to lenders?

          Before she declared bankruptcy, Cosby gave her daughter two of the six acres. How is that possible when all six acres were used as collateral for the ballooning debt?

          Cosby currently lives on those two acres. How was she able to walk away from the over $1 million in debt during bankruptcy, while still keeping one-third of the property for her family (and leaving taxpayers to reimburse the bank for its losses on her government-backed mortgage)?

          Cosby initially favored open and transparent campaigns, but not anymore. She has effectively told voters to disregard her business fiasco when deciding whether she can handle the county’s budget with competence and integrity. She has consistently refused to meet reasonable disclosure requests. That’s not good enough.

          We deserve answers. A complete disclosures related to Cosby’s real estate deal. Specifically, will Cosby:

          •Answer all questions from press and public about this mess?
          •Release tax returns and credit applications for the defaulted loans to prove she did not misrepresent her income to lenders?
          •Pledge to voters that her behavior related to the real estate deal, and subsequent default, was both ethical and legal?
          •Sign an affidavit affirming that neither she nor her family kept, and or sold personal items for her family, such as furniture, fixtures, building supplies on her defaulted debts, and did not ever exaggerate her income on credit applications?

          This is tax payer money we are asking about in this bailout.

          • Three Jack says:

            I know this bizarre family well and have no doubt they manipulated the system to their personal benefit. Cosby puts the bat*hit in crazy.

            I lamented her success in gaining access to the ballot when it was first reported because she will forever be the poster child for limited ballot access.

          • dsean says:

            “How was Cosby able to increase the debt on the six-acre property from $76,500 in 1999 to $1.2 million in 2007 with an income of $16,500 (as reported during her 2009 bankruptcy)? Did she, like many borrowers during that time, misrepresent her income to lenders?”

            Or did she, like many borrowers lose a job or suffer other financial setbacks?

            “Before she declared bankruptcy, Cosby gave her daughter two of the six acres. How is that possible when all six acres were used as collateral for the ballooning debt?”

            She may not have actually conveyed title or may have had a carve out in the transaction documents. Without looking at the records of both the bank and the Clerk, you and I have no idea. Presumably, the bank did a title search and properly collateralized their debt. She may have intended to convey some portion of the property, but may not have done so.

            “Cosby currently lives on those two acres. How was she able to walk away from the over $1 million in debt during bankruptcy, while still keeping one-third of the property for her family (and leaving taxpayers to reimburse the bank for its losses on her government-backed mortgage)?”

            Easy. Bankruptcy wipes out debt while allowing debtors to retain their home. You’ve probably heard of a homestead exemption. It exists in bankruptcy too. Her construction loan was almost certainly not government-backed. Nor does it sound like her mortgage was (FHA loans don’t go that high in this state). If there’s something out there that implies the taxpayers were on the hook for her mortgage, point it out, but there’s nothing in this post that indicates that it was.

            “•Answer all questions from press and public about this mess?
            •Release tax returns and credit applications for the defaulted loans to prove she did not misrepresent her income to lenders?
            •Pledge to voters that her behavior related to the real estate deal, and subsequent default, was both ethical and legal?
            •Sign an affidavit affirming that neither she nor her family kept, and or sold personal items for her family, such as furniture, fixtures, building supplies on her defaulted debts, and did not ever exaggerate her income on credit applications?”

            You’re a bit of a voyeur aren’t you? She already pledged that she didn’t misrepresent her income or assets at the time she applied for the mortgage/loan/bankruptcy. Your only “evidence” that she did is that 2 years later she had a low income. That’s not evidence of mortgage fraud or something nefarious. It’s evidence that the debtor had a bad financial setback. Should she talk about it more openly? Probably. But I suspect like a lot of people who have gone through bankruptcy, she’s probably embarrassed about it.

            I’m not affiliated with the candidate and don’t even live in the county. I’m just annoyed at the insinuation that this person must have done something wrong to declare bankruptcy. From what the post lays out, this is all run of the mill financial decline during the 2007-2012 period.

              • benevolus says:

                It’s you and the OP that are speculating. You could invent a scandal targeting anyone if you don’t have to have evidence.

                • John Konop says:

                  The difference is I am asking for answers you guys are fine with who cares….I guess my standards for a job that deals with county money is higher….

                    • John Konop says:

                      I get it and respect the fact you see things as a liberal democrat……You are honest about it….I am a fiscal conservative and not apologetic about it……Carolyn Cosby is running as a fiscal conservative accusing many of being crooks and not ethical….On issues like this I have been consistent as you know for years….

    • dsean says:

      As to #3 – the post isn’t a model of clarity, but it implies that they gave some portion of the property to their kids but still used that portion as collateral for their loan, committing mortgage fraud by pledging assets that they didn’t own. Maybe. Georgia is a race-notice jurisdiction, so if the quit claim wasn’t recorded, then it probably wouldn’t convey clean title to that portion of the property. Hard to tell though. Agree with everything else you’ve written, though. People went bankrupt in Cherokee County because of land speculation? *Gasp* Never heard of that happening to anyone else in the last 7 years.

      • John Konop says:

        The income issue is not clear as well…..If Carolyn agrees to the full disclosures I posted than we would not have to speculate. Is it really asking to much of a potential office holder after we tax payers bailed the deal out?

        • dsean says:

          I think you’re wrong that there was a bail out here, at least as to these specific loans. None of them appear to be government insured based on their amounts and none of the banks involved were FDIC loss-share banks.

          Why do you care what her income is/was? What impact does that have on her ability to serve as county commissioner?

          • John Konop says:

            First most of the banks got a bailout one way or another…..Show me some facts none of the banks did get money from tax payers? Also remember will bailed out AIG the PMI company that also bailed out loans, credit default swaps……

            Second once again why not let Carolyn Cosby answer the questions?

            Finally, should not know this as tax payers via her running for a job which controls one of one of the fastest growing counties in Georgia budget?

            • dsean says:

              Neither did she. You seem to have confused the bank bailout with an individual’s bankruptcy and the probably discharge of a construction loan.

              Should she address these issues? Maybe, though I don’t think losing money in a land deal in the metro area during the land bubble is all that damning of a fact. Should she be publicly accused of state and federal crimes based on the information presented in this post and its comments? Definitely not.

              • John Konop says:

                It is clear everyone is just asking questions…..Carolyn is very quick to call everyone else crooks……Her cornerstone issue is cleaning up Cherokee county and ethics…also she claims to have the business knowledge to run a large county. Her big tag line is about her being open and honest to voters, and how we need full disclosure….Let’s here it from her…

                If she is not willing to come clean….than obviously it looks like her campaign is just more bs….

                BTW you are wrong about how lending works…you really do not understand the relationship of credit default swaps and PMI insurance relative to the tax payer bailout….I want to hear from the source……

                Read and Learn:



                • dsean says:

                  You’re confusing the micro with the macro. That a bank received a bailout is not the same as saying the borrower did. It’d be like saying “Show me your brokerage account because you invest with JPMorgan who took a bailout and therefore you took a bailout.”

                  Not sure what your links are supposed to educate me on (particularly since I’ve been working as an attorney dealing with derivatives markets for the last 7 years). Is your point that her mortgage/construction loan were likely bundled into a CDO of some nature and then traded and her default was one event of many that ultimately led to a bailout? So what? In that way, she was like millions of other Americans. The bailout was caused by mispriced risk (ultimately cause by a combination of government policy and government manipulation of the interest rate market). Again, you’re confusing a macro policy (the bailout) with a single event (her default). At best, there’s a tenuous relationship between the two, and more likely (given the identity of the entities), no relationship whatsoever.

                  • John Konop says:

                    People borrowing money they should not of qualified for via misrepresentations on applications like income, assets had no part of the crisis? I guess your defense is lie like hell on a credit application and blame everyone else if it goes bad….It could be justified if she ran as a socialist liberal….but she claims to be a fiscal conservative who can manage money. Good lawyer stuff, and may work with the right jury…we are talking about electing someone to be responsible for one on largest county budgets with 1000’s of employees. I guess my standards are just higher when it comes to money….But I was the one screaming about the fiscal crisis on lending before it hit…while you and Cosby played the game at tax payers expense….some lawyers did do well with this….

                    • dsean says:

                      No evidence she lied. Only that her income declined. Her tax records and previous income statements would have been submitted to the bankruptcy court. The company that funded her mortgage would have been there as well. Fraudulent debts can’t be discharged, so there’s an incentive for creditors to sniff out fraud. If she had committed fraud, the process would likely have found it.

                      Are you affiliated with her opponent’s campaign? You’re incredibly strident and unnecessarily personal in your commentary here. For the record, I didn’t “play[] the game at tax payers (sic) expense.” My work generally involves seeking recovery for people harmed by the shenanigans of financial institutions.

                    • John Konop says:

                      She can clear it up by releasing it to the public….Your explanation like a good lawyer leaves out many facts…..One a FHA loan is usually around 90% guaranteed could be higher with PMI insurance….Bank did not take the material hit we tax payers did…..The government via vast amount of lying on application did not go after many people via the courts system would of exploded. Does not make it right….

  4. Cherokee County Citizen says:

    I can’t understand how anyone could even attempt to defend Carolyn Cosby. She’s as crooked as the day is long. Look at her record from Maine prior to Georgia. Same MO. Shady politics, shady money dealings, using campaign contributions for personal expense, ethics charges up there, down here……please. Just Google “Carolyn Cosby ethics” and have a great read. Letting this person anywhere NEAR our county’s purse strings would be insane.

    • dsean says:

      Googling that phrase leads to several charges by her opponents that she failed to register independent groups. Okay, that’s malum prohibitum and she probably paid (or will have to pay) a small fine for it. I see something about her lying in a debate in Maine about a gay rights policy and a tax lien on a property in the early 90s. I see a letter from a Dave Reed of Woodstock that makes similar statements that you do (I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that’s your letter to the editor). I don’t see a whole lot of smoke here.

      Again for the record – I don’t know her or care to know her. I’m just put off by the initial post implying that she is a criminal on the basis of her bankruptcy. Whether she wins or loses her race doesn’t matter to me. I don’t live in the county and am totally unaffected by it.

      • John Konop says:

        Is below your source?

        ………Truth: Carolyn Cosby has had delusions of militant activists invading us for over 30 years. She is a proponent of many conspiracy theories. When she lived in Maine she was convinced that gay militants were sneaking over the boarders at night from multiple states to drop off bags of money to fund her opposition. On November 10, 1995, The Portland Press published an article; (click to view) Maybe Cosby should save her breath.

        Her opponent; Buzz Ahrens is a life-long conservative Republican and he is the Republican Nominee in this general election after garnering 60% of the vote in the Republican Primary Election.

        Truth: Buzz Ahrens has no reason to hide his record. He has done a lot for Cherokee County. He lead the county through the difficult times during the recession, and Cherokee is now recognized as one of the most efficient, well run governments in the state.
        •Cherokee County has the 2nd lowest tax burden per capita in the region.
        •Cherokee County has the 11th lowest tax burden in the state.
        •Cherokee County is one of 4 counties out of 159 with ONLY 6% sales tax.

        Truth: The charges against her are not nuisance charges. Cosby has a long history of ethics violations dating back to when she lived in Maine. She continues to ignore state ethics laws and therefore people have filed ethics complaints against her. Currently she has six complaints pending with the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission, a/k/a Georgia Ethics. The ethics commission moved that probable cause exists with the two complaints filed against Carolyn Cosby in 2012 and they have referred those cases to the Attorney General. The other four cases are awaiting a hearing with the Ethics Commission.

        She has also violated federal laws by collecting signatures on USPS property and by placing flyers in mail boxes or by attaching them to mailboxes. She was reported for this in 2012 and she was given a warning at the time. She ignores the warning and continues putting campaign literature on or in mailboxes………

        • Three Jack says:

          All this debate over a wackjob candidate who will receive less attention on election day than she has here today. Unless of course she pulls another of her political stunts to draw media to her at some polling place where her and the loonies that run with her are doing something illegal.

          If everybody just stops paying attention, she will slither back into the hole from whence she came.

        • benevolus says:

          Well then all those issues should be your criticism of her. It doesn’t sound like you need to invent some additional issues to show her unworthiness.

        • Raleigh says:


          This is boarding on being out of scope for this discussion BUT….

          I certainly will not be voting for Cosby but you should also add that Buzz refused to participate in the Republican vetting videos but was very willing to use those to smear his opponent in the primary. He also claimed he had nothing “at all” to do with the Ballground disaster but his name is on the contract (I have a copy). Last in the exhibits in the Cowart Lawsuit there were several e-mails where Buzz was corresponding with Cowart’s competitors about sensitive details about the Cowart contract while he was negotiating “in good faith” with Cowart. Don’t forget he and other commissioners allowed Cowart to take possession of the Ballground property which at the very least was poor business practice. If he had pulled any similar things at Rubbermaid how fast would he have been showed the door?

          Beside if Buzz was so good why did you abruptly quit the RRDA and recommend they take Cowart’s offer?

          • John Konop says:

            As you know nobody has been more publically outspoken for YEARS in our county, about the Bobo deal, and any type of financing deals like this than me. I do think Buzz is a way better candidate for our county than Carolyn Cosby (as you do). Also I have met with Brian, and Buzz both on the Cowart deal, I think a reasonable compromise could happen. The county overall as far as schools, parks, downtown Woodstock, transportation ….verse taxes in our county is way above average….Finally we are in a transition stage from a sleeping bedroom community to one of the largest counties in the state. I have been pleased with the direction with this new board will take in dealing with the needs verse the cost. We have the best mix of commissioners since I have lived in the county. One more thing Buzz has pledged not to support this type of financing, while Carolyn will not admit to her own Bobo style bailout, and it appears Carolyn Cosby supports Bobo style financing for Charter schools via her support for the bill. As you know I respect your opinion, even when we disagree, and your questions are very legit.

      • John Konop says:

        Or was this your source?

        …….23 months later, in August of 2009 the Cosby’s filed for Bankruptcy, Chapter 7!

        The total liability of their bankruptcy was $1,353,683.28!

        The Cosby’s had one heck of a spending spree that lasted 23 months. They ran up a cell phone bill of $11,400.00, credit card bills of $145,200.00, and they even managed to exceed the credit limit on their home equity line of credit ($350,000.00) by $4,775.00. After going through over a half million dollars during their 23 month spending spree, the Cosby’s claimed a value of $20,945.00 for all of their assets in their bankruptcy filing. (pages 17-19) They walked away from the responsibility of paying their debts by filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and they kept all of the merchandise they purchased during their $500,000 spending spree including an oil painting they had commissioned of Carolyn Cosby……..

      • John Konop says:

        How about this source?

        ………… Carolyn Cosby has a 30 year plus history of activism. Starting back in Maine Cosby became a member of an activist group, but she learned early on that forming her own group was in her best interests. As the leader of her own group she could control the donations. She has collected donations for years from members and people supporting various issues. She encourages online donations on her various websites but she collects the bulk of her donations in cash. She is seldom seen without her large donation jug and has been spotted pocketing the cash as she packs up her traveling panhandling display.

        In 2011 Cosby stepped in to fill the role of chairman for The Canton Tea Party Patriots where she began to solicit donations. Since then she has set up three other organizations that all ask for donations.
        •The Cherokee Citizens Review and Recommendations Board
        •The Bobo Boondogge Exposed (Independent Committee)
        •Georgians for Healthcare Freedom

        Cosby claims that each of these groups is a non-profit, but that donations to each group are not tax deductible.

        During an investigation by the Maine Ethics Commission they discovered that she was paying her household utilities and other personal expenses from the donations she received to her group………..

        Are the following fair questions?

        1.Is she spending donations for the purpose they were intended for?

        2.Is she willing to open the books for each of the groups she controls?

        3.If she has taken money from any of her groups in the form of a salary or to cover her personal bills and expenses; has she claimed the income on her tax return?

        4.Is she willing to provide copies of her tax return for the last 4 years to show that she has properly claimed any income from her groups?

            • dsean says:

              Nice site. Is it yours? If it is, you may want to fix the dead links where supporting documents are meant to be. It does have her bankruptcy pleading though, which show that they had a family construction business through 2007 and apparently supported themselves on credit cards (or the HELOC proceeds) after that time. Certainly poor fiscal practice, but doesn’t look illegal or fraudulent.

              • John Konop says:

                You are embarrassing yourself on this site…..First you accuse me of being part of the political machine world…not my business…private businessman….Now I am in the political operative website business…. I am 52 and have my 13 year old show me how to use the features on my phone. LOL…..

                It is obvious you would rather throw mud at me, and not deal with the facts. You can attack me all day long….does not change what was posted on the site below is what was reported on a macro in many newspapers. The facts are the facts…


                • dsean says:

                  First of all, I didn’t accuse. I asked you a question, which you haven’t actually answered. Nor am I attacking you. The site you’re pointing me to is entirely devoid of sourcing, other than the bankruptcy pleading itself and the recorded mortgage lien. It doesn’t cite to a single newspaper or other actual source of facts. It’s an attack site.

                  To respond to your earlier comment re: FHA and PMI, this isn’t an FHA loan (at least the $800k loan). It’s too big. In 2007, the FHA limit was $252,890 for Georgia. The $350k second mortgage isn’t FHA (they don’t do second position liens and I’m 99% certain they never have).

                  So the “bailout” you keep insisting she received is just a run of the mill bankruptcy. Does that externalize costs to the rest of society? Yes. Is it indicative of fraud? No. Does it automatically render someone incapable of holding office? I say no, but I assume you’ll disagree.

                  The funny thing, you’ve actually raised some compelling reasons not to vote for this lady – she thinks there’s a gay conspiracy and is generally hostile to them, she ignored warnings that she couldn’t stuff flyers in mailboxes – but you seem so fixated on this idea that she’s a fraud without any shred of actual evidence that it becomes difficult to engage in the substance of her positions. You’ve accused her of incredibly serious crimes – at a minimum mortgage fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and wire fraud – with absolutely no evidence other than a low income after the real estate bubble burst that it undermines any substantive critique of her that you might have.

                  • John Konop says:

                    1)………. I asked you a question, which you haven’t actually answered…..

                    To be very clear I had nothing to do with that website. Most know on this site I am not in the political operative business.

                    2)…….$800k loan)……

                    My understanding it was Fannie Mae loan

                    Read about tax payer bailout below, BTW I do not own WIKI either….:)


                    3)…..Does it automatically render someone incapable of holding office….

                    I never said that…I have been clear as a bell….Carolyn Cosby should come clean so we know the story before voting for her. Is that really asking to much for a person in charge of a county of our size?

                    • dsean says:

                      What’s the basis of your understanding for #2? Based on the loan amounts, it’s highly unlikely, though not impossible, that it’s a fannie mae loan.

                    • John Konop says:

                      I am almost sure on one of the sites I saw the document loan…and it said FMae/FMac….

                      Loan was from ABN AMRO Mortgage/Citibank who did get bailed out…

                  • Bob says:

                    @dsean Please explain how a person could have received $1.17 Million dollars in mortgages against their self reported income of $16,584, without committing fraud?

                    Cosby reported to the bankruptcy court that their household income for 2007 (the same year she garnered approval for a mortgage of $820,000 and a home equity loan of $350,000) was $16,584. If Cosby didn’t commit fraud; then why would she refuse to answer the questions asked of her by the local reporters?

  5. saltycracker says:

    It sure isn’t up to us to sort out the legal stuff but I read you and them enough to speculate that, if they could, they might line you (leftie) and folks, like me, Sunday beer buyer, with the gays and stone us all.

    BTW – there is opportunity for a Ripley’s or Guinness record – Has there ever been an elected County Chairman in Georgia that does not own property in the County ?
    If you can find one we can expand the category to a bankrupt tea party leader that does not own property in the county. 🙂

  6. NoTeabagging says:

    “Her excuse is that other politicians have done it; therefore, she should not have to follow the law.”
    If I had a nickel every time I heard this…

  7. gcp says:

    This woman is running in the wrong county; she needs to run for Dekalb County commissioner where she would fit right in.

      • benevolus says:

        I am NOT defending anyone. I am defending honesty and resisting the politics of personal destruction. She may deserve to be locked up tomorrow for all I know, but if someone is going to publicly accuse someone else of fraud with the evidence presented here, that’s getting right down into the gutter in my opinion.

  8. Hello Goodbye says:

    I am a Cherokee County resident and am so sick and tired of us being the armpit of politics. Mrs. Cosby just needs to GO… QUICKLY and take her piss poor money management practices with her. While she is at it, she can take that group of haters that call themselves the Tea Party in the county with her as well. I wish the NORMAL citizens of this county would boot all their butts out and allow people who can actually identify with the constituents to step in to their shoes. Buzz has my vote!

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