A Look At Absentee Voting Thus Far

The website www.electproject.org has begun breaking down absentee ballots that have been returned thus far around the country. The data is compiled in this spreadsheet. The numbers for Georgia are shown below. The Georgia numbers were updated this morning but I suspect they include data through last Friday.

Absentee Ballots Requested:

55,028 total requested thusfar

Elderly: 34.1%
Disabled: 20.2%
Military: 1.5%
Overseas Civ: 1.4%
None: 42.8%

White: 69.0%
Black: 21.6%
Hispanic: 0.3%
Other: 1.1%
Unknown: 8.1%

2010 Vote
Yes: 68.8%
No: 31.2%

Ballots Returned

14,385 returned thusfar

Elderly: 45.3%
Disabled: 27.9%
Military: 0.5%
Overseas Civ: 0.5%
None: 25.7%

White: 70.1%
Black: 22.2%
Hispanic: 0.2%
Other: 0.8%
Unknown: 6.6%

2010 Vote
Yes: 79.0%
No: 21.0%

It’s important to note these are only Absentee ballots. As you all know Absentee ballots are available 45 days prior to the November 4th General Election and are completed and mailed to local elections offices. What is commonly know as “early” voting is called Advanced In-Person voting and requires voters to go to the various voting locations in their county. Advanced In-Person voting begins next Monday across Georgia.

Request to the Peach Pundit Community: Can someone find this type of data for the 2012 and 2010 elections? I’m interested to know if the numbers we see above are consistent with previous elections. Are the Democrats efforts to encourage more African-American Democrats to vote showing up in absentee ballot requests? Absentee balloting tends to favor Republican so if African-American Democrats are requesting absentee ballots at a higher rate than previous years that might spell trouble for the GOP. And what about the break down by sex? IIRC, absentee balloting tends to be more male than female. Is my recollection correct? And are women requesting more or fewer absentee ballots this year than in previous years?

I’m sure some of you have this data in your back pocket so feel free to share with the class in the comments.


      • Will Durant says:

        Actually I would think the mailed absentee ballots present more opportunity for possible fraud than the early electronic voting. As Buzz noted the mailed ballots tend to favor Republicans. I suppose SoS Kemp will not launch a crusade in that direction however. Given the additional early voting dates and time I would prefer a signed affidavit of hardship be required in order to vote by mail given the added cost and risk of the paper ballots.

        • Harry says:

          Don’t disagree there is abuse with absentee ballots. Relatives of dead people and employees of nursing homes and shelters will sometimes vote the mailed ballots. But a more serious problem is when a polling station is closing on election day, and if not controlled the poll workers will mark some of the motor voter no-shows as having voted, and stuff the box.

    • The spreadsheet indicates a 29.9% of votes were cast early in 2010. Does that sound about right to you? Can you tell if we’re on pace to match or exceed that percentage?

      • That sounds about right – it’s really hard to tell at this point. If Dan Uggla hits a home run in the first game of the season that doesn’t mean he’ll have a great year, same if Chipper Jones goes 0-4.

        That’s basically where we’re at in the process!

  1. jh says:

    Pretty sure you can’t do that with the computers. I’ll be voting early. I don’t trust the mailman to deliver it, nor the counter to accurately count the ballot.

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