Morning Reads: 6 October 2014

Holy Upsets Batman! What a weekend. Besides eight of the top ten losing, get ready for the UGA folks to start gloating, here’s what else happened this weekend.


The Dems are hoping for an upset.
Athens is ready for Ebola.
Let’s fund some transportation!
Wahoo! We can drive faster on 285.
One step closer to cleaning up a superfund site.


Florida vs. Tennessee, 10-9
Texas A&M vs. Miss. State, 31-48
Alabama vs. Ole Miss, 17-23
Vanderbilt vs. Georgia, 17-44
LSU vs. Auburn, 7-41
South Carolina vs. Kentucky, 38-45


Ebola Update: Texas, Nebraska.
One step forward towards transparency at Git-Mo.
The Washington Post’s recap of the Sunday talking heads.
Brazil is a presidential election to watch.
Hong Kong and its protests.


  1. Ed says:

    I don’t think the weekend where the SEC was shown to have 10 mediocre teams is one to be highlighting. Just, FWIW.

    • Eric The Younger says:

      6 SEC teams are in the top 15, 4 are in the top 10 and, 3 are in the top 5. Hardly mediocrity.

      • Ed says:

        At least read what I write.

        UGA has no talent outside of Gurley. Alabama is 4-3 its last seven games. Ole Miss and Mississippi State are not built for long-term success (they have a combined 7 or so non-Junior/Senior starters). Auburn is probably the best team in the country right now.

        After that…

        LSU, USCe, aTm, Vandy, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Florida and Tennessee are all average at best. You can’t even say that the SEC East is a strong division with a straight face.

        But hey, continue to perpetuate the SEC myth of invincibility if you want.

        • xdog says:

          Gee Ed, did you miss your feeding this morning? Your wild swings about no talent and not built for success ignore generations of football excellence in the SEC, always among the elite, frequently and recently at the very top. Then you top it off with the strawman of an invicibility myth that most fans get over about the time they’re 12.

          If you’re so worried about the dearth of strong teams in the SEC, maybe you should find another league to follow or maybe another sport where everyone’s above average and teams stay pretty much where they are. Me, I’ll be watching (and mostly enjoying) the like of Georgia/Missouri, Auburn/Mississippi State, Ole Miss/TAMU.

  2. blakeage80 says:

    I’m glad I’m not in the position of Cobb county denizens. They have to volunteer the funds to their DOT or it will be taken anyway through permanent tax increases. If CCDOT is taking the SPLOST funds then there is probably a backlog of other projects needing funding or that will need funding shortly. Either way, there are probably tax increases in Cobb’s future. However, they get no sympathy from this Clarke county resident!

  3. John Vestal says:

    SCOTUS denies cert, without comment or dissent, on all seven pending petitions appealing lower court rulings overturning same-sex marriage bans.

    From Amy Howe at SCOTUSblog: “This means that the lower-court decisions striking down bans in Indiana, Wisconsin, Utah, Oklahoma, and Virginia should go into effect shortly, clearing the way for same-sex marriages in those states and any other state with similar bans in those circuits.”

  4. saltycracker says:

    Faster on the top end: nah, mid-morning they were only running 2omph over instead of the customary 30.

    • blakeage80 says:

      I’ll bet this was lobbied for by WSB Radio so they could add another thing to monitor during their traffic reports. “News 95.5 and AM 750 WSB! Your variable traffic sign monitoring station!”

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