Morning Reads for October 1, 2014

How fitting that these no. 1 reads are on day number 1.

I missed Trane’s birthday last Wednesday so here is “My Favorite Things” from the Olatunji Concert.  On a more relevant birthday note: happy 90th to Georgia’s best President, Jimmy Carter. I hope I can be as active and on top of things as he is if I get to be 90….

  1. Day two of the APS cheating trial finished on Tuesday. Student says she was given answers during CRCT.
  2. If there’s a silver lining from the APS scandal, it’s that literally every other school district in the country is trying to not be like Atlanta. 
  3. We revolutionized education, folks!
  4. Hank Johnson finishes his testimony in Burrell Ellis trial.
  5. First there was Waka Flocka and David Perdue, now there’s Luda and Deal.
  6. Atlanta, an already safe city, gets safer. 
  7. Grady gets $30 million. 
  8. Hawks players want to talk upcoming season, not comments from ex-owners. Who would have thought that…
  9. Everyone’s favorite Federal Reserve President, Dennis Lockhart, says interest rates will remain low until “middle of 2015 or a bit later.”
  10. Midtown getting a pretty extensive bike lane network. 
  11. PBS’ “Newshour” looks at the ASO lockout.
  12. Searching for Georgia’s “peculiar soul.” Peculiar it is.
  13. Big expansion planned for Atlanta Botanical Gardens; no announced bonsai garden. D0 you want Smith-Gilbert Gardens to keep outclassing you, ABG?
  14. Paula Deen now “making millions in a booming new sector: the martyrdom industrial complex.”
  15. Kid Cudi was, uh, not enamored with Atlanta crowd. NSFW


  1. saltycracker says:

    The NY Times sees Georgia as Southern gothic and we appreciate so many coming here to add culture to our damaged, delusional souls.
    We should send them our graffiti artists.

  2. blakeage80 says:

    Re: Decaturish article. I don’t disagree with alternate modes of transportation, but if cities and states are going to be making investments like these bike lane networks, we should look at having those that commute by bike contribute to these networks by some sort of displayed registration. (like a plate or sticker) You could even limit it to those commuting at peak hours. Does anyone know approximately how many commuters there are in Midtown? Would $20 per year put a dent in the cost of building and maintaining?

    • Ed says:

      You will recall the blowback to bicycle registration from the last Session. It won’t happen, but yes, some form of a tag or something for a specific bike lane would not be a terrible idea.

        • Ellynn says:

          I spelled patron wrong… sigh.

          St. Therese suffered and died from tuberculosis (TB) in her early twenties, so one of the many patronages she is a saintly advocate to hear and pass along prayer to God are people who have tuberculousis. In the late 80’s, when most AIDS sufferers were dying of a form of tuberculosis, she became the go to patron of heavenly advocation to those Catholics dying of AIDS.

      • SmyrnaSAHM says:

        A hybrid of St. Therese and Dolly Parton is something this Catholic gal can absolutely get behind.

    • saltycracker says:

      ?? Yesterday was a good day unless you were loaded in equities – the Dow never crosses a threshold without a call to get out now. In 2012 most brokers said hold or sell. $13k was too high.

      Unless you spend a few hours a day studying equities, individual pick are gambling and best left to discretionary $$. The lions share of your allocation for equities (a long term call) should be distributed across the major categories of ETF/index funds. Over the last 5 years the results of the low cost ETF beat the actively managed groups in EVERY category. Wild. Example small cap 22.0% vs. 19.8%. Sectors of the bond market still have legs.

      Obama thinks everything is just great, the reason unemployment, poverty, disability, food stamps and Medicare is exploding is our min wage is too low. That is insane.

      • saltycracker says:

        Gotta smile when a friend brags on making 10% when the market/etf moved 15% plus he paid a manager 1% to buy funds with a 1% mgmt fee.
        Disclosure – did ok but sure missed the big run up in 2013.

  3. The GOP and hashtags…. staaahp it.

    “Coinciding with the release of the video is #IAmARepublican, a Twitter hashtag presumably meant to give all those Prius-driving Republicans a place to let their freak flags fly. Needless to say it functioned as it was supposed to for all of maybe 48 hours before being hijacked and turned into one big flying snark bomb.”

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